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November 29, 2009

Kate Spade Presents!

Bloomingdale's Nifty Gifty Catalog arrived in the mail yesterday and Nifty Gifty No. #7 caught my eye:

Kate Spade 'Fiona'

What do you think? The contrasting color combination is a Kate Spade signature look but I'm just not sure if the shoe caught my eye for the right reasons. The present wrapping bow looks a bit cheesy to me and I'm the one who loves bows and toe embellishments! Definitely going to stop by Kate Spade or Bloomies and try them on. You never know- they could  be the perfect Holiday flat!

If they catch your eye for the right reasons you can buy them online at Zappos Couture (click the pic to go straight to the store):

Kate Spade at ShopStyle

Kate Spade 'Fiona' for $99 @ Zappos Couture

You can find them at Bloomingdale's too and they are advertised for $95!

In Pursuit of more catalog favs,



  1. As a devoted Kate Spader, I agree with you Ash...it seems more cheesy than classy. However, you never know what it'll look like on!

  2. I think that the only holiday clothing with bows should be lingerie!

  3. how did they look on?

  4. They looked a little bit like slippers.


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!