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December 11, 2009

Keds Collective

I'm not the biggest sneaker fan (except for men's) but as I was perusing the internet yesterday, I found Keds Collective. Keds Collective allows YOU to design your own Keds sneakers, buy them, and then sell your creation on Zazzle. It's a pretty awesome concept, sort of like Nike ID, but with the opportunity to sell your own design!

As of now they are only available for Women ($60) and Children ($50) but Men's shoes will be available soon. I'm guestimating the men's will be around $70.

They are available in two styles:

Keds Champion Lace Up

Keds Champion Slip on

You can design every part of the shoe from the insole to the eyelets. Keds Collective gives you color and print options but you can also upload your own images to place on the shoes. So fun!

Why Keds Collective is perfect for YOU:
1. If you are interested in creating your own sneaker line one day, this is a great way to start and get your name out there!

2. If you have kids, how amazing would a unique pair of lace ups (designed by you) look on your little ones? Best shoes on the playground + maybe the other moms would want a pair for their kids too!

3. I know there are a lot of sneaker collectors out there -having a pair of your own design in your shoe collection is priceless!

Happy Designing!


  1. the champion ship-on kind of looks like it belongs to lacoste's shoe collection - all you need it a little alligator and it would fit in perfectly.... don't you agree?

  2. Definitely! You can just make you own Lacoste's for half the price :)


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!