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June 30, 2009

Shoes Fit for the Metro

I live in Los Angeles and have recently started taking the Metro Train to work and let me tell you- there are a lot of stairs! Good for my gluts but bad for my shoes/feet. Here is my go-to metro shoe:

These J. Crew flats are so comfy and durable + I can wear them with my dress pants and they are still fancy enough for work. How do you guys beat the stairs/walk when you use public transportation? Psst... these shoes are on sale at J.Crew.com and there are a few sizes left! They fit true to size and don't stretch out. Happy Shopping!

In Pursuit of another fun, yet comfortable shoe I can wear on the metro,


June 28, 2009

Inspired by Disneyland

I went to Disneyland this weekend and I’m not sure if I was inspired by Mr. Walt Disney himself or just the fact that Viktor & Rolf make amazing shoes:

Viktor & Rolf at ShopStyle

Couldn’t you see a very fashionable Cruella de Vil or Queen of Hearts wearing these? The black and white are screaming Cruella and the art deco heel reminds me of the Queen of Heart’s palace floor. They are so fun!Even better, they are on sale for $195 from $390. I’m wondering if I could pull them off at work… hmm! Check out yoox.com to see more Viktor & Rolf shoes on sale.

In Pursuit of the next childhood inspired shoe,


June 25, 2009

Online Shoe Shopping

Shoes to Lust Over:
Barneys.com (Extra 25% off Sale Items)

One Stop Shop:
Piperlime.com (Psst..They are having a big sale right now!)

My Favs:

Ultimate Shoe Finder:

If you have any shoe shopping sites that you love email me: PursuitofShoes at gmail dot com and I'll be sure to check them out and mention them in future posts.

In Pursuit of the next best online shoe shop,


In My Dreams...

Take a look at these Lanvin beauties:

Aren't they GORGEOUS? For the mere price of $700 and an extra 25% off they could be yours! It’s a great deal if you think about the original cost of $1,500, but it’s still SOO much! I will just have to go to the Barneys website everday and stare at them longingly, admiring the jeweled heel and the amazing bows. I love BOWS! Maybe one day they will go on extra extra super sale, but until then I will wear them only in my dreams. Is there a pair of shoes you've been eyeing, hoping they go on sale?

In Pursuit of a jeweled-heeled, bow-adorned shoe that I can afford,


June 24, 2009

Summer Sandals

One of the best things about summer is not only the sunshine, but wearing sandals! Because a lot of fall shoes are rolling in, many stores are having great sales on their summer sandals and it’s only JUNE. Here are some of my favs:

I honestly think you can never go wrong with a gold or silver sandal. They go with any outfit and give a polished look that you won’t get with a basic black or brown sandal. I love them with black jeans! There are some just like these for only $50 from Steve Madden.

Color! We all know how hot color is right now, why not bring it to your sandal? I think this sandal is great because you get the gladiator trend and the color craze all in one + they are spitting image of these Cynthia Vincent Dinah Sandals for 1/2 of the price!

The best for last! Anything with a zipper is a go this summer. I heart zippers on shoes, dresses, and shirts. I love how feminine, yet edgy this Pour La Victoire sandal is- it really is a great combination. They come in four different colors so there are enough to go around! Unfortunately they are a little pricey so I suggest checking out the Steve Madden Soya for a more wallet friendly alternative.

In Pursuit of the perfect summer sandal,


My First Post...

It’s only fitting that my first post happens to be in the same month that I bought my first pair of Manolo Blahniks. How often do you go to the Manolo Blahnik Store is Las Vegas and find a pair 50% off? That’s what I thought... NEVER! So of course I had to purchase them:

I just love how the turquoise suede gives a little oomph to the classic shape! Haven’t worn them yet (except while walking around my room) but they are still so pretty to look at. I love great deals and couldn’t pass them up + they are Manolos!!! Have you ever found an amazing deal on a pair of shoes?

On another note- I’m very excited about Life, Love and the Pursuit of Shoes and I can’t wait to blog about current shoe styles, shoe sales, my love for shoes and more!

In Pursuit of another good shoe deal,

<3 Ash