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April 29, 2010

Meeting Christian Louboutin

After booking it from Downtown to Weho in rush hour traffic, I made it to the Louboutin signing with 3 minutes to spare. I was actually the second to the last person that was able to get their shoes signed... the
Shoe gods were definitely on my side yesterday! 

Me and Christian Louboutin
I love his fedora! He was so nice and funny. I told him that he must be really tired from signing for the past 4 hours and he said " I'm not really that tired but the smell of the markers is getting to me. I'm getting high over here!"

 Here are some more pics of the adventure and my signed shoes:

 Arriving at the boutique with my 'Tashaf' Pumps I bought at the  Barney's warehouse sale
The line wasn't too bad but plenty of people were fussing about the wait. I think it actually worked out better that I arrived late because I only waited about 30 minutes. 

Looking in at the Beautiful 'Pigalle' pumps
The boutique team was extremely nice and offered us red candy and champagne while we waited. It was lovely!

Christian Louboutin doing his thing. How fabulous is his outfit?! Take a look at his shoes:


My Signed Shoes:

 In the Christian Louboutin store with the red carpet as my background.

Definitely going to cherish these forever! 

There were plenty of fellas buying these: 

Instead of signing the sole (since it would rub off), Louboutin signed their store bags.

Other pics of the boutique:

Needles to say I was a happy camper yesterday! Thanks for all of your tweets I really appreciate all of them.

Did you make it to the signing? I would love to hear your story and see some pics!


  1. So fabulous I love these pictures!!! I don't think it gets much better then that! :) Well maybe a free pair of shoes with the signing, hehe. OK, now I'm just being greedy!

  2. so gorgeous and so fabulous!!

  3. Wow...Love the pictures! That is so cool that you got to meet him!

    Would he have signed my Target shoes though? Because I don't own any of his beauties yet! LOL


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!