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July 27, 2010

Loving: CitySlips

You know those mornings when you really want to wear your fav 5" heels but opt not to because there may be a few long walks throughout your day? Believe me I hate those too, but that is why I'm loving CitySlips!

CitySlips were created by two NYU fashionistas who couldn't bare giving up their sky high platforms when out on the town but knew that by 2am their feet would be begging for relief. They are durable and stylish flats that come in a teeny carrying case. The case fits into most handbags and maybe even a large clutch. Once you remove your flats, the pouch turns into a nifty bag so that can store your heels! Amazing, right?

Here is a picture of the a silver pair that CitySlips gave me to try:

The elastic back on the heel is super comfy and they fit pretty true to size. 

They are available in black and gold too and are only $25.

5 reasons why I'm loving CitySlips:
  • You can wear them when taking public transportation and still have a place to carry your heels
  • The itty-bitty size of the carrying case means you can take them everywhere and anywhere
  • They FOLD! How many pairs of shoes do you own that can do that? 
  • Now you won't be tempted to walk barefoot after 2am just because your feet are in so much pain
  • Overall they are functional yet oh-so stylish

I think I'm going to keep mine at work for when we take walks to get lunch or grab Starbucks. Might have to get another pair for my nights out too! 

Also, since it's wedding season, wouldn't these make great bridal party gifts? You know your bridesmaids' feet will be killing towards the end of the night- How fab would it be if they could slip on a pair of stylish metallic CitySlips, have a bag to put their heels, and then dance the night away? I'm seriously loving this idea!


  1. I love these! Haven't bought a pair yet, but am planning to! I think they would be great on vacations too!

  2. those are so cute :)


  3. fantastic idea! for those poorly danced the night away feet, bag idea very cute!




  4. Why hadn't anyone ever thought about this, it's perfect... I am one of those people that will not take off my heels no matter how much pain I'm in because I refuse to be barefoot anywhere outside my house. I need a pair yesterday!

    Ripped Nylon


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!