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April 30, 2010

Friday Eye Candy

Spotted these on the Bergdorf Goodman Shoe Salon iPhone App a couple days ago:

Jimmy Choo at ShopStyle
Jimmy Choo 'Zena' Snake Print Platform for $1,095 @ Net-A-Porter

Although it looks like there is a lot going on with the wooden and perspex platform, snake print leather, and gold bedazzlement, I think it's just enough to make the shoes fabulous. I especially like the gold-tone pins around the shoes because they add shine. These are perfect spring/summer shoes that will take your casual jeans and tee to the next level. Throw on light-weight blazer to polish it off! 

Happy Friday!

April 29, 2010

Christian Louboutin & Barbie- Update

 One of my bestest friends just sent me a link to the newest Barbie and Christian Louboutin collaboration. I posted about the collaboration back in October and some of the dolls are now available for sale on Net-A-Porter. You have to see the mini shoes!

Christian Louboutin at ShopStyle
Anemone Barbie by Christian Louboutin for $150 
Anemone Barbie comes with these gorgeous shoes:

Christian Louboutin at ShopStyle

Dolly Forever Barbie by Christian Louboutin for $150

Dolly Forever Barbie includes these lovely shoes:

Too bad there isn't just a shoe collection pack you can purchase like normal Barbie products! These are just too cute and my favorite part is that every Barbie shoe is inspired by a real life Christian Louboutin shoe.

Meeting Christian Louboutin

After booking it from Downtown to Weho in rush hour traffic, I made it to the Louboutin signing with 3 minutes to spare. I was actually the second to the last person that was able to get their shoes signed... the
Shoe gods were definitely on my side yesterday! 

Me and Christian Louboutin
I love his fedora! He was so nice and funny. I told him that he must be really tired from signing for the past 4 hours and he said " I'm not really that tired but the smell of the markers is getting to me. I'm getting high over here!"

 Here are some more pics of the adventure and my signed shoes:

 Arriving at the boutique with my 'Tashaf' Pumps I bought at the  Barney's warehouse sale
The line wasn't too bad but plenty of people were fussing about the wait. I think it actually worked out better that I arrived late because I only waited about 30 minutes. 

Looking in at the Beautiful 'Pigalle' pumps
The boutique team was extremely nice and offered us red candy and champagne while we waited. It was lovely!

Christian Louboutin doing his thing. How fabulous is his outfit?! Take a look at his shoes:


My Signed Shoes:

 In the Christian Louboutin store with the red carpet as my background.

Definitely going to cherish these forever! 

There were plenty of fellas buying these: 

Instead of signing the sole (since it would rub off), Louboutin signed their store bags.

Other pics of the boutique:

Needles to say I was a happy camper yesterday! Thanks for all of your tweets I really appreciate all of them.

Did you make it to the signing? I would love to hear your story and see some pics!

April 28, 2010

J. Crew Sandal Favs

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of J.Crew shoes and I spotted these lovely sandals in the new May 2010 catalog:

J.Crew at ShopStyle
Gladiator Sandal in Weathered Stone for $110 @ J. Crew

J.Crew at ShopStyle
Gladiator Sandal in Hydrangea for $110 @ J. Crew

They are very similar to the gladiator style from S/S '09 that I have and heart. I always get compliments on them too!  I think the Hydrangea color is gorgeous and very unique. I would love the weathered stone color for a nude look- they would definitely get a lot of wear. Just added another shoe to the summer shoe list! 

Happy Wednesday!!

April 26, 2010

Christian Louboutin Signing

Calling all my L.A. Shoe ladies! Christian Louboutin is scheduled to appear at his West Hollywood Boutique this Wednesday!!

  • Who: Christian Louboutin
  • Where: Christian Louboutin Boutique 650 N. Robertson, West Hollywood 
  • What: Photo Opps, Champagne, Shoe Signing, and Gorgeous Shoes
  • When: Wednesday (4/28) 4pm-7pm. According to a C.L. rep, the event may last longer as they are expecting a HUGE turnout. 

    I'm going to try with all my might to make it to the event! Tweet at me if you are going too.

    My Stylebook - April

    I absolutely adore ShopStyle for so many reasons but one of my fav features is the My Stylebook section. It allows you to put all of your favorites in one place. Every once in awhile I like to review my favorites to see if there seems to be a trend. In January it was all about spring hues: pink, green, and turquoise. For April I'm loving silky rompers, tops and shoes in red/coral and black. Here's a peek:

    Not sure why I'm loving orange and black so much. You would think it was Halloween or something! 
    • How hot is the orange Roxy romper? And it's only $50! I just want to LIVE in rompers this summer. They are so comfy and cute. 
    • The Tory Burch platforms are very different for me but I really like the red and sand combo.
    • I'm really craving a pair of pumps with chain ankle straps a la Lanvin and Manolo. A DIY project may have to happen soon. 

    What styles and colors are you loving right now??

    April 23, 2010

    Dolce Vita- 30% OFF

    Dolce Vita is one of my favorite brands and last year I fell hard for an awesome pair of black gladiator sandals. This year I think I've found another love:

    Martin + Osa at ShopStyle
    Dolce Vita 'Colette' Heel for $180 @ Martin + Osa
     ($126 w/ 30% off)

    The structured heel and criss cross straps are lovely. There is something about Dolce Vita  leather that just looks so yummy, right?! 

    Best part about these babies is that Martin + Osa is giving 30% off their entire site through Sunday (4/25) so you can get the 'Colette' for $126.  
    Happy Shopping!

    Friday Eye Candy

    I did a designer spotlight on Charlotte Olympia last month and I am just in awe of these amazing boots:

    Charlotte Olympia at ShopStyle
    Charlotte Olympia 'Eve' Ankle Boots for $1,140 @ Net-A-Porter

    The cut out leaf detail is magnificent and I love how the leaves fall so nicely on the foot. Kate Hudson was recently spotted in the 'Eve':

     Here is a green version that Manolo posted about yesterday for earth day:

    Which color do you like better? The green is striking but I feel like you could get more wear out of the black.

    April 22, 2010

    Dream Wedding Shoes Pt. 2

    One of the big trends in bridal footwear is colored shoes. Earlier this week I posted about some classic drool worthy bridal footwear and now it's time for some dreamy and colorful choices:

    For the Bride who wants the color of  love: 
    Valentino at ShopStyle
    Valentino Couture 'Bow' Pump for $695 @ Bergdorf Goodman

    Yves Saint Laurent at ShopStyle
    YSL Sandal for $795 @ Barneys

    For the Bride that  needs "something blue":
    Manolo Blahnik at ShopStyle
    Manolo Blahnik 'Something Blue' for $945 @ Bergdorf Goodman
     (Who wouldn't want Carrie Bradshaw's infamous wedding shoes!?)

    For the Bride who loves green:
    Christian Louboutin at ShopStyle

    Christian Louboutin 'Suede Ankle Strap' Sandal for $845 @ Saks Fifth Avenue

    For the Fashion Forward Bride that craves height:
    Sergio Rossi at ShopStyle
    Sergio Rossi 'Slingback' Platform Pumps for $695 @ Saks Fifth Avenue

    They are all so beautiful!

    I Gave In...

    Remember I said I wasn't going to buy new shoes until May? Well I applaud myself for making it 22 days AND for finding the most amazing deal ever! Piperlime is having a 20% off sale on all flat sandals TODAY and I spotted these Sam Edelman's that I've posted about before:

    Sam Edelman at ShopStyle
    Sam Edelman 'Gigi' on sale for $32/$43 from $50 @ Piperlime

    Not only did I get 20% off  (Code: SWEET) but I also found a coupon code for an extra $10 off (Code: THANK YOU). To get the extra $10 off you must use a Banana/Gap/Old Navy CC though.

    20% off code + $10 off + Free Shipping =  a must buy
    It's not that I don't have self control,  I just know a good deal when I find one! That's my justification and I'm stickin' to it haha.

    The 20% off Flat Sandals promo is over tonight so take advantage while you can. Happy Shopping!!

    April 21, 2010

    Traveling Shoes

    Some of the girls at work today asked me how I pack my shoes when I travel and we started discussing our techniques! Could you imagine having this lovely piece of luggage to travel with?

    In my dreams! When I travel I always put my shoes in dust bags to keep them from getting scratched or dirty. #1 one rule for me is always pack your shoes in your carry-on! It's guaranteed to be with you the entire trip and therefore you don't have to worry about all of your shoes being lost forever. (I would die!) I'm sure the shoes appreciate it too. Have you seen how the airline employees throw your bag on the plane? Not very nice!! I usually pack my scarves, cotton tees, or pjs around the dust bags to give the shoes some cushion.

    Here are some different shoe traveling items:

    Bric's at ShopStyle
    Bric's Magellano 'Shoe Satchel' for $890 @ Neiman Marcus

    Although the "shoe satchel" looks pretty I'm not sure if it has multiple compartments for your shoes (the description isn't very clear). This bad boy definitely has compartments:

    Fits 12 pairs of shoes but looks kind of manly to me!

     Like I said, I'm a big fan of dust bags and if your shoes don't come with them you can always buy some:

    2 Shoe Bags for $16 @ Walmart

     Shoe Bag for $12.90 @ Neimen Marcus
    ($15.90 w/ personalization)

    The personalized bags could be a great Mother's Day gift!

    How do you pack your shoes when you travel? Have any good tricks? I would love to know!