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October 13, 2010

New Shoe Closet...

They are finally done! After a little sweat and help from the boy, the shoe cabinets are complete:

My wall decorations aren't up yet, but now that I've put all my shoes away I can finally start getting things in order. I received a couple e-mails asking me where I found these lovely shelves and the answer is the oh-so-fabulous IKEA. 

Billy Extra Shelf $10 - I bought a few extra shelves for each case to accommodate all of the shoes.
Glass Doors are from IKEA but not "Billy". Can't seem to find the exact ones online but these are pretty close.

Tip: Definitely have a second person to help with the doors. Someone tall is always a plus!

I decided to put my jeans and some sweaters in the "flats" cabinet because I like to have them out where I can see them. Sandals didn't make the cabinet cut so they are on the floor in my actual closet.

Tip: For flats, take a pair with you when you buy the bookcase. My shoes fit PERFECTLY but I'm a size 6. Not sure what is the biggest size the cabinet can accommodate. 

Few pics inside: