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June 21, 2011

Pursuit Poll: Heels vs. Flats

I'm lucky enough to work in a casual office with a very lenient dress code. Although I could wear flip flops every day, I like to switch it up between my favorite flats and sky high heels.  What is your daily footwear? Do tell!

Vote at the poll on the right side-bar  (yes, the one right at the top)!

Results will be up next week. Check back to see how you match up with other Pursuit readers! 
[Photo Credit: Tommy Ton & J. Crew]


  1. I looooooove heels. Love. However, I live in NH, & would look really stupid and out of place wearing my stilettos to run errands. I wear them when I go "out" only. If I lived someplace more fashion forward, I'd def wear everyday!

  2. My favorite are heels of course! But like you a work in an extremely casual work environment soo I often wear flipflops and flats!

    Shoes and Jules


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!