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April 12, 2012

{Guest Post} Haute Child in the City's Fav Shoe Brands

Hi there, Chelsea here from Haute Child in the City.  I'm filling in today for Ashley who is out on a fabulous vacay somewhere warm, sunny, and fantastic.  Try not to be jealous (I'm downright green with envy over here).  Being a fellow shoe lover, I was instantly drawn to Ashley's blog.  Her ah.may.zing taste in shoes and also a kick-butt shoe collection only has furthered my adoration of Ashley and her little spot in the blog-o-sphere.  Needless to say, when she asked me to fill in, I was honored.

Most of my favorite shoe brands have risen to that status for a variety of reasons: usually a combination of the designs and comfort level, but there is a bit of personal attachment associated with my favorite brands.  So without further ado, here are my top faves.

Sounds like an obvious choice, right?  Well it isn't by luck that Louboutins have risen to the status that they have in the mere 20 years that they have been on the market.  The impeccable design, gorgeous lines, and avant-garde style makes these red-soled beauties a perennial favorite of celebrities and mere mortals alike.  A lot of the styles are a big outlandish, but the classic collection is to die for.  Some of my favorites? The Rolando  and Pigalle.

At the risk of aging myself here, I have been in love with this designer since watching SATC during it's original run on HBO in college.  My girlfriends and I used to gather around the TV on Sunday nights to catch up with the girls and their latest shenanigans all while looking impeccably gorgeous and most of the time outfitted in these designer's shoes.  The design of Manolo is simply breathtaking.  Not only would I recommend adding them to your shoe closest, but I would also recommend purchasing a book of his sketches.  Another reason why I love these designs so much might be because I wore the Something Blue shoe to my rehearsal dinner.  Currently I'm lusting over the BB Pump (in pink of course) and the classic Mary Janes.

I was late on the boat to my love of Stuart Weitzman.  While tooling around Vegas soon after getting engaged, I went into their store at the Forum Shops and happened across what I instantly knew would be my wedding shoe. (I guess it's true sign of a shoe addict when you find the shoe before your dress.)  Regardless since then I've found myself drawn to their shoes season after season.  They are a bit more toned down that Louboutin or Manolo, but the shoes are still beautiful and are comfortable.  I find that I can wear them to the office or for a night out on the town.  Also, the price point tends to be a bit lower than the aforementioned brands.  My current favorites: Alex Espadrille, Jumbo, and Fever.

Sam Edelman

Though this shoe brand seems to have just taken off, what you might not realize is that Sam Edelman is no stranger to the shoe game.  Remember a brand Sam & Libby? Well Sam was the Sam part of the brand owned by him and his wife.  Now both have branched out into designing their own respective shoe lines.  Both are gorgeous, but I love Sam's edgy, yet feminine shoes that have shown up everywhere and I tend to be drawn to time after time.  I own several pairs and always get loads of compliments on them.  I am downright obsessed with the Lorissa pump.

Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto

I first fell in love with this brand after I picked up a pair of the Moma.  I actually loved the shoe so much that I purchased them in another color (Then replaced that pair when my dog got a hold on them, but I digress). Since then I've added several other styles to my closet and have enjoyed them all.   This shoe brand not only makes a comfortable shoe, but they are on-trend and at a reasonable price point.  You can also add durability to their list of pros; one of my pairs survived the cobblestone streets of Germany and lived to tell the tale.

Bonus Brands: Nine West/Jessica Simpson/Zara

Being a shoe lover, it was hard for me to pick just five brands.  After careful thought and consideration, I wanted to include several bonus brands.  All three of these brands are often my go-to for inexpensive classics or on-trend shoes.  All of them wear very nicely, are comfortable, and if I wear them out after a season, I don't feel guilty chucking them.  Here are some of my faves for the road:

Nine West Rocha
I am literally on my fourth pair of these bad boys.  Not because they aren't sturdy but because they are such a great shoe, I wear them out.  Comfortable and the perfect heel height for both the office and play, I just can't get enough of them.

Jessica Simpson Evangela
See what I mean?! Inexpensive, on-trend..you'll have to take my word as to the comfort part.  I've owned several pairs of Jessica Simpson shoes and all of them have worn well, been extremely comfortable and I get tons of compliments.  (I mean, take a look at those bold colors!!  Absolutely gorgeous.)  And at that price, if you only wear them for a season, no harm, no foul.

Zara I Basic Sandal
The best thing that has happened to online shopping is Zara.  These sandals are really fantastic and are coveted by pretty much everyone.  However, all of Zara's shoes are reasonably priced and on-trend.  However, my recommendation is to purchase the items when they are available.  I've lost many a good find by waiting to purchase an item from the website and Zara doesn't do store searches nor do they ship from stores.

Thanks for letting me fill in Ashley! Safe travels!


  1. I love jessica simpson and nine west shoes!


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