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January 31, 2013

Julep Maven: Complimentary Colors

It's been said that my roomie and I have a little bit of a nail polish obsession. We typically take time out every other week to sit and create fun nail designs with each other. Now that's what I call true BFFs! When Julep sent over these two complimentary colors I wasn't positive how to use them together, but then I decided to go simple mani with a triangle twist! The oxblood and a dark green remind me of wine tasting (apparently I'm in weekend mode already).

{Julep 'Lucy' // Julep ' Diane'}

To get the triangle shape just cut out a piece of tape, stick it to your nail and paint over it. You have to be patient and let it dry forever but it's pretty effective! If you're not a Julep Maven and have a nail polish addiction like myself, I highly suggest you check it out. New colors every month and the polish is TOP NOTCH. My mani is still going strong after a week!


  1. I actually recommend taking the tape off RIGHT AWAY after painting your nail, don't let it dry, and you get perfect results without the pulling of the polish! :)

  2. nice colours!



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