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January 14, 2013

New Year, New You: Get Fit in Style

If you're like me, you probably made some type of resolution to eat better, workout more, yada yada yada...

I'm not one for diets or strict workout regimens, but I do always strive to be fit & toned and one way of making it happen is great fitness gear!  Let's be honest, you definitely feel better about working out when you look good. I'm no fitness or nutrition expert but many of you have inquired about my workout/diet so I though I'd share a little bit!

Here are some of my workout tips and fun fitness wear ideas to keep you fashionably fit:

{strength training} 
If I go to the gym and don't take a body works class, I typically only do 10 minutes on the eliptical to get my heart rate going and spend the remaining 40-50 minutes using weights and focusing on abs, arms and booty. It's important to not only be toned but strong!

{figure out what you like and do it!}
I'm a dancer at heart and no matter how tired I am, I can always manage to talk myself into a hip hop class because I truly love it. When you find that one thing that doesn't feel like working out... jump on it!

{workout with a buddy}
Everything is better with friends and the gym is no different. It makes the time go by faster when you have a girlfriend to chat with + you can also push each other to try new things! If you see me at the gym, 99% of the time I'll be with my bff.

{go outside}
No matter where you live there are always plenty of outdoor activities to partake in. Take advantage of your surroundings and enjoy some time outside! I feel like I get a 10x better workout hiking or playing paddle ball on the beach than I do at the gym.

Overall, I try to do some type of physical activity at least 3 times a week and I eat and drink everything in moderation. It's all about switching it up so you don't get bored and you can keep "shocking" your muscles with new and exciting things. If you're looking to cut calories or shed the lbs. audit your alcohol consumption. I can tell you first hand that cutting out a glass of wine with dinner or second cocktail on Saturday night can really make a huge difference. How do I know this? Recently, I've been really busy and haven't been drinking as much and I've definitely lost some weight that I'm now trying to put back on. Bring on the bottles of wine, please!!

{adidas sports bra // adidas sports bra (on sales!) // nike sports bra // hue sport socks // neon hair ties // nike free run +3 (multiple colors)}

Find workout gear that fits well and incorporates color! I promise you'll feel a million times better wearing neon socks with your well fitted black workout pants than with grey sweats and white socks. Maybe it's not in the budget to scoop up a new pair of colorful sneakers (btw, I'm obsessed with my Nike Free Run +3 - wearing them here) so opt for a new sports bra or fun hair ties. You'll be surprised how even the littlest pops of color can make a difference.

Cheers to getting fit in style!


  1. This is great new year inspiration. I love taking hip hop in la and always looking for new studios. Where do you take class when you go?

  2. I am all about the health kick.
    I've been doing a challenge and found that a regiment and a buddy has made all the difference.

    Good for you on starting the new year right.
    Also, my tennis shoes are neon. Such a great motivator. :)


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!