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January 31, 2014

Love & Pretty Little Things

it's passionate, it's scary, it's joyful, it's fearless, it's heartbreaking, it's amazing, it's like warm cookies with melted ice cream... it's not the same for everyone. 
It might sound silly, but until recently the notion of different love languages never crossed my mind - love was love. One day my friend and I were chatting about new relationships and she mentioned the 5 love languages.  In a nutshell, it speaks to how people give and want to receive love. While I haven't read the book, I did take the quiz to "discover my love language" and the results were not at all surprising. What was surprising was seeing the languages that didn't apply to me because those languages could be extremely important to other people in my life. Talk about eye-opening! And we're not just talking about significant others, it's everyone.  I don't typically share stuff like this, but it's really changed my perspective on some of my relationships and I thought it may be helpful to pass along! 

Speaking of love, Valentine's Day might as well be tomorrow and that means lots of pretty little things. Whether it's a flirty robe, sexy bralette or feminine heels... treat yourself (and maybe someone else) to something that will make you feel amazing. 
{juicy couture robe c/o largo drive // eberjay braletteonly hearts hipster c/o largo drive // kardashian kollection pumps c/o}

The sexy separates and floral robe are from a fab site called Largo Drive which focuses on intimates, loungewear and swim... aka every girly girl's dream! As I was browsing for Vday options, I couldn't help but take the road less traveled with white lace and cotton pieces.

Need more lovin'? Check out my Pinterest 'Love' board for tons of inspo. xo


  1. That lace bralette is to die for ! I'm always so nervous to wear one myself but I love when other people incorporate them into their outfits ... someday I will LOL


  2. I read the book with my hubby before we were engaged and we both loved it! The book is a little bit redundant but the concepts are so interesting I didn't really care. I love how I learned how to better love him, but it also applied to other relationships. The psychology geek in me totally loved it.

  3. LOVE the intimates and those pumps!


  4. My husband and I also read the love language book when we were dating...and it is still really helpful! It's useful for friendships, as well. But you are right..no "love" is the same as anyone else's...so you still have to figure out the nuances of the relationship.


  5. I read the 5 Languages of Love just over a year ago, at the recommendation of someone, and it was only a few months into my current relationship; what an eye opener!

    I took the bus to the book store the night before leaving on vacation--and I NEVER take the bus, but my car was already in storage for my trip and I wanted the book SO BAD--and read it within a couple days. My best friend's husband then borrowed it and read it in a day. It was so neat talking about it and discussing and recognizing our partners DIFFERENT love language.

    I'm definitely touch, which is not the same as my man and it's been so helpful over the course of our relationship! :) I would also highly (HIGHLY) recommend anyone read this, it's so powerful and insightful! Who knew! :)


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!