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February 17, 2014

10 Realizations About New York City

Wheeww... back in LA and basking in the SoCal sun! No really, Sunday rooftop brunch was in order after 7 days in the Big Snow Apple. It was a fabulously cold and fashionable week and while I've been to NY plenty of times, this was my first winter experience. Here are few learnings from this trip and confirmations from prior NY adventures: 

1. The water is truly magical. Don't believe me? Try the bagels and wash your hair.

2. Food options are endless and Seamless should most definitely become your BFF.

3. If you don't befriend Seamless, be ready for the NYFW diet: coffee & cocktails. 
Starbucks in New York City
4. You have to be a bag lady whether your like it or not. 

5. There are no "snow days" when you're a grownup.

6. The snow is really beautiful until you have to walk in it (thank goodness for taxis).
New York Snow
7. Taxis are expensive.

8. If you come from a "driving" city then beware of texting and taxiing. Day 1 = Vom dot com! By day 5 it's as if you've been doing it all your life.

9.  Once you realize taxis are draining your bank account, don't worry, because walking 20+ blocks in Valentinos is surprisingly not that bad.
Valentino Rockstud Heels
10. Nights out are so much more fun (and late) when no one has to worry about being the DD!

NY, thanks for being you! Until next time #pursuitgoestoNY - xoxo Ash. 


  1. LOL great list, you're pretty much one of us now LOL

    PS - 31 days till spring! Spring can't come soon enough for the east coast.


  2. Don't you just love that city?? I'm dying to go to NYFW next season. Hope to see you there!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  3. This post is perfection and seamless is a college student's (and apparently NYFW attendees) best friend!


  4. LOL. 4. and 5. are the bane of my existence currently lol. Also more power to you for trotting 20 blocks in Rockstuds, I don't even like wearing heels on the walk to the train. Who does though? lol

  5. Hope that was your first & last winter experience! You really got the crappy end of it haha let's just hope it's all over soon!! Bask in the sun for us East Coasters please!



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