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February 5, 2014

#PursuingHealthyHair: Hair Tools & Dry Shampoo

Do ever feel like you're in a hair rut? Not the "I need a new cut or color" rut but more along the lines of "why the heck won't my hair grow past X length" rut. Yeah, I feel ya. Recently I was perusing old pics and noticed that my hair really never grows any longer than 5" past my shoulders or what I've dubbed top of the boob syndrome. This isn't intentional as I've been "growing my hair out" for years! What gives?
wavy healthy hair
If you're facing a hair growth plateau I encourage you to pursue healthy hair with me! This year my goal is to tackle top of the boob syndrome by being extra nice to my locks. Extra nice means anything from eating healthy hair foods and using gentle products to stepping up my hair tools game and changing my wash schedule. No, I haven't tried biotin or supplements but I want to get everything else right before I start venturing into that world. Honestly, my nails are hard as rock & grow faster than weeds so I'm certain they're stealing some magical proteins from my hair.

Anywho, first on the roadmap to healthy hair is upgrading hair tools. I'll be honest, I was using a drugstore brand hair dryer and curling iron before a friend recommended Jose Eber. I reached out to the fab team at Jose Eber to see if they wanted to support my pursuit and they so graciously sent over some fab tools:
jose eber klorane healthy hair
{jose eber infrared blow dryer c/o // klorane dry shampoo // jose eber 32mm clipless curling iron c/o}

The infrared blow dryer is FANCY. The first thing I noticed was that it didn't blow super hot air like my old dryer, which at first annoyed me then I realized it was probably a good thing. The infrared actually infuses gentle heat into the hair follicle to smooth hair. The air pressure was great, too. I'm a stickler for a blow dryer that actually BLOWS. The 32mm clipless curling iron is just the right size to achieve perfect beach waves. Once again I noticed it wasn't scolding hot like other clipless wands I've tried in the past. Heat = bad for hair so I'm convinced that a change to better tools is one big step towards healthy hair. After one week of using my Jose Eber goodies, I've noticed that my hair dries and styles SO smooth and frizz-free, basically proving my old dryer was frying my hair into a hot mess.

Next on the path to healthy hair is finding the perfect dry shampoo. It's impossible to wash your hair the suggested 2-3 times a week unless there is an awesome dry shampoo in the mix. I've tried a few dry shampoos in my day, including Oscar Blonde, and my current favorite is Klorane. It doesn't leave a weird film and definitely adds a great boost of volume. I also enjoy that it doesn't smell too perfume-y or leave me looking like Cruella de Vil.

Hoping these small changes are just the beginning of #pursuighealthyhair. Stay tuned for more tips and updates!

{pursuing healthy hair}

Tip 1: upgrade your tools

Tip 2: find a great dry shampoo 


  1. OOH I wished my hair looked like that

  2. You have beautiful hair! I'm always trying to achieve that tousled curl but I never get it as good as that!

    Krissie x - http://pearlsofstyle.blogspot.com.au/

  3. hard to not wash hair everyday with our warm weather! will check out that dry shampoo!


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