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February 12, 2014

#PursuitgoestoNY: Mara Hoffman F/W '14

Nothing like being sidelined by a little food poisoning, but the show(s) must go on and so must the blog posts!

On Saturday, after a delayed red-eye into NY, I finally found myself at Corals HQ ready for a full day of adventure. Yes, the 30 something temps were shocking but why not go for a bare-legged, high heeled ensemble?! After all, it's Fashion Week!

First stop: Lincoln Center for the Mara Hoffman show...
No one does prints quite like Mara Hoffman; they're perfectly crafted with bold colors and intricate shapes. Every time I see Mara Hoffman designs I'm inspired to bring prints into my wardrobe AND go on vacation (if only)! From my 5th row seat I watched as all of the gorgeous dresses, jumpsuits and separates came down the runway. 
{via style.com}

One style that walked down the runway a few times was the dress over pants look à la Emma Watson at the Golden Globes! What do you guys think? I'm interested to see how it trickles down to real-world, street style! Instead of her typical bold, vibrant prints there were a lot of muted, black and white patterns. I definitely enjoyed the feminine chiffon insets and plunging necklines! 
Let's be real, you can't see the designs nearly as well as you can from the comfort of your own living room and Style.com, but it's truly an experience to attend a fashion show. There's nothing like being herded into a room like a bunch of cattle - cattle that's dressed to the nines, obvi - and feeling the energy of everyone around you waiting for the show to start. 

Some of the more attainable Mara Hoffman pieces are her gorgeous swimsuits. Pretty sure I have every swimsuit pinned in my bikini & beaches board, that's how much I heart them. In case you want to get your print on... 

{pursuing Mara Hoffman designs}

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  1. I'm not really easy to fall head-over-heels in love with prints or patterns, any kind of it. But it's true that with Mara Hoffman that job becomes easier! It's impossible not to like them :-)
    And your rings are the cutest, I love them!! <3



Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!