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February 26, 2014

Travel Diary: Miami

There are two ways to do Miami: the "stay up all night South Beach" way and the "normal people actually live here" way. For my inaugural trip I chose the road less traveled (way #2) and had the most amazing time! I'm taking a cue from Hallie's NYFW playbook and giving you a little play-by-play travel diary + sharing a few of my fave spots in case you're planning a Miami vacay:

{LA--> Miami}

2:20pm: About to board our flight when the BF announces, "You know it's super humid in Miami? Your hair is going to be crazy!" Umm... thanks?! And yes, I packed some anti-humidity hairspray. This isn't my first rodeo, thank you!

4:00pm: Knee-deep in LOLs while reading 'The Girls Above Me'

10:32pm: We walk out of the airport and my hair instantly curls, frizzes and who knows what else! Ahh, humidity. Mantra for the rest of the trip: #embraceit.

{Miami Day 1}

My idea of vacation = bikini, beach, sun and cocktail(s).
Raleigh Hotel Miami Pool
12:30pm: First stop, lunch by the pool at the Raleigh Hotel in South Beach! Talk about a gorgeous Art Deco hotel that makes you feel like you're living the old hollywood glam life. Oh, and we're sitting next to Anthony Bourdain. Who? Yeah, halfway through lunch I realize who he is and then watch his every foodie move.
Tropical Drinks Miami
1:45pm: #beachtime. A lunchtime cocktail lends itself to a nice coastal nap. Towels down. Ash out!
Miami South Beach View
Mikoh Maui Bikini
3:15pm: If I lay on my tummy any longer I'm sure to get an awesome tan from my Mikoh bikini top. Oh, but the crashing waves and warm sun are just too good!

4:00pm: Time to pack up and cool off. A juice smoothie? Who are we kidding, ice cream it is. See you in 2.5 seconds Dairy Queen.
Dairy Queen Pursuit of Shoes
4:32pm: Note to self: chocolate dipped ice cream cones melt fast when it's 87 degrees with 80% humidity.

{Miami Day 2}

11:25am: Headed to Fairchild Tropical Garden to experience their incredible Butterfly Conservatory. 

11:50pm: Surrounded by 2K tropical butterflies and totally amazed by their beauty. Holy moly, it's hot in here!
Fairchild Gardens Miami Butterflies
2:17pm: Next stop, Brickell to visit some friends. 

2:46pm: I'm ready to move to Miami (no joke). With views like this + the weather, I'm in heaven. I've already mentally reserved my (permanent) chair at the pool across the way. 
Brickell Downtown Miami View
7:00pm: A little shopping and dining at TheVillage of Merrick Park aka the fanciest outdoor mall I've ever seen.

{Miami Day 3}

11:10am: A morning jog (who are we?!) to Chicken Kitchen (yup, always running towards the food). Need a chicken or rice fix? Their chop-chops got you covered!

1:45pm: #pooltime plus some outfit shots
Miami Poolside
6:45pm: Dinner with the BF's fam at The Peacock Cafe in Coconut Grove. Sit outside? Of course, I've got to get all the Miami I can get in before jumping on a flight back home in the AM! What a magical little restaurant with fantastic food and ambiance.
Miami Palm Trees
11:15pm: Bedtime thoughts: Beyond bummed to leave this newfound tropical world. Even the palm trees are different in Miami! When are we moving? Kidding!

Thank you Miami and friends for making this a fantastic trip. Xoxo

{quick update}

Just wanted to share this awesome iPhone app with you called Cameo - it allows you to shoot small video clips then put them together to create a short film. You can add filters, text and a soundtrack. It's pretty seamless and super easy to use + multiple users can come together to submit content for one video. ie: girl's Vegas trip, couples vacay, and family celebrations. Here is ours from Miami (turn your sound up):


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time in Miami. I wish I could be there right now, it looks amazing. Also, I love that bathing suit top.


  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! I love SoBe, you look fab per usual ;-)


  3. Cute recap--sounds like an AMAZING trip!! Ahhhh I need a vacation--what a great chance to get away, you had!

    Love the photos and that massive condo building on the water, OH MY! Imagine the view from the water-front side. Aiy yai yai!

    You look amazing and love love looove your bikini (but I think I've told you this before ;)

  4. Looks like you hit all of the highlights! Miami is so much fun and a great get away! And you looks pretty awesome for that crazy humidity (it's no joke!)

    Haute Child in the City

  5. Loving all of these photos! I cannot wait to go on vacation in the next few months!!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  6. How F'ing cute is your video!? I've watched it twice... I am SUCH A CREEP!



Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!