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March 10, 2014

#PursuingHealthyHair with TRESemmé

As I mentioned last month, I'm trying very hard to be nice to my hair with hopes that it will thank me and grow long and healthy (are you listening hair?!). First I started with changing up my hair tools and now I'm tinkering with hair products. Obviously, I was so excited when TRESemmé reached out about their new 7 Day Smooth System. Also, I've been a big fan of their Keratin Heat Protection Spray for awhile!

Disclaimer: I don't typically wear my hair straight for two reasons: 1. my natural hair is a mix of wavy/curly and straightening is a lot of work 2. When I do straighten it lasts for .5 days before it starts to get frizzy or the little baby curls pop up. Number two is the main reason I've laid off the straightener because it's not "nice" to style your hair EVERY day... enter the 7 Day Smooth System. I took the system for a test drive last week and must say I'm impressed. Here's a little play by play:


7:00am: Shower time (yay!) and quick shampoo & conditioner switch-a-roo for the TRESemmé 7 day smooth system shampoo & conditioner. So far so good!

7:15am: After I little towel dry sesh, I section my hair and use a few dime-sized drops of the heat activated cream to coat each section. Note: This is THE step as its magic is only needed once the entire 7 days to lock in smooth and gorgeous locks. It's also heat-activated by the flat iron (magical, right?!).

7:20am: Blow dry per the usual and do a quick run through with the flat iron. My hair definitely looks smoother and silkier than normal. It's not weighed down which was a pre-test drive worry. Now let's see if this potion can keep it up throughout the day!

10:00am: Walk into office... "OMG your hair looks so good!" - my co-worker

12:45pm: "What's going on with your hair today, Torres?" - my boss
Which we clarified was a good comment!

2:15pm: Bathroom break - ooh, my hair still looks pretty bouncy and straight!

7:30am: A spritz of dry shampoo and some brush action then off to work (after makeup #duh)

9:15am: Sitting in traffic and ultimately take a look in the visor mirror - hair is still straight and smooth, however, I gave it a little pep talk: "Tonight I'm speaking to BEAUTY students at FIDM, don't fail me."

8:30pm: Killed it in my social media talk at FIDM and did it with great hair!


7:15am: It's a panama hat kind of day


7:00am: The second wash with the 7 day smooth system shampoo and conditioner

7:15am: I feel like being a rebel... instead of straightening I opt to only blow dry and see what happens. Not a typical "blow-it straight" blow dry but a "loose, let it go natural" dry. Normally if I do this my hair gets flat, frizzy and unsure of what it wants to do and that's when I take a curling iron or flat iron to it. Not this time - it was full and smooth with a perfect wave. #winning

9:00am: Fab hair for Fashion for Breakfast at Cecconi's


9:00pm: Smooth wave still going strong for date night with the boy at Dominick's 


9:00am: Third and final wash for the 7 day smooth system - really loving the thick conditioner

9:15am:  I opt to straighten for a day of brunching, outfit shots (more on Thursday!) and then girl's night out. I was totally surprised that my finished 'do looked just as good as it did on day 1:
Overall, I loved the system and highly recommend it if you're flat iron junky. It definitely locks in your styled 'do for a long-lasting, frizz-free look which ultimately leads to less washes and HAPPY hair!

TRESemmé is a salon-quality line of care & styling products that achieves the right balance between salon style and savvy spending in 2014. TRESemmé will INSPIRE SSS’s with beautiful hair and GUIDE them with stylist how-to’s using our cutting edge products on how to achieve the latest styles…from the CATWALK, the RED CARPET, HOLLYWOOD, and the STREETS of the most stylish cities… making their daily transformations easy, with amazing results every time.

Btw, compensation was provided by Tresemmé via Glam Media. As usual, the opinions expressed herein are mine and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Tresemmé.


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!