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June 4, 2014

Beauty Faves

The best thing about moving is setting up utilities... said no one ever. Going on week two without internet and it's lost its "this is kind of nice" factor. On another note, this post was originally titled 'WTF, Clarisonic'. Let me explain...

A few months ago I purchased a Clarisonic thinking it would be the solution to all my skin woes. Boy, was I wrong. I have acne prone skin  and heard/read so many great things about Clarisonic clearing up skin that I couldn't resist testing it out. After almost two months of testing different brushes and usage schedules, my skin was definitely not getting better and I was breaking out in places I haven't since high school. #notcute The so called "purging phase" was either not working or lasting way too long. Bya, Clarisonic! Although frustrating, it was a good reminder that everyone is different and one product/tool will not always provide the same results even if 90% of people swear by it.

That being said, here are a few products I'm loving/ testing out right now:
phylia jergens avon beauty
jergens avon mac beauty products
{jergens natural glow + firming // phylia connect // anew clinical retexturizing peel // nars lip gloss in 'stolen kiss' // mac lip glass in  'please me'}

jergens natural glow + firming: while I don't really need the gradual color, I like to use this in the summer to keep my tan glowing. In addition, I'm certain the firming does some magical things for the derriere. #hellobikiniseason

phylia connect: as I pursue healthy hair I've started to realize the importance of a healthy scalp. Duh! I've read and heard from a few friends that this product can do wonders for your scalp and so far I'm digging it. It's too soon to give a verdict, but I'll definitely share when I have one. Has anyone tried this?

anew clinical retexturizing peel: this is actually a product I tried out last year and LOVED, but then I ran out and was too lazy to order it again. Big mistake! Just picked up two jars because it's officially the solution to my Clarisonic disaster. The "peel" comes in the form of 30 pads and gives an all over tingly feeling upon application. Honestly, it's a great exfoliator that isn't too harsh on the skin, and it does wonders for fine lines and overall texture. Pursuit tip: use every other night before bed.

nars lip gloss in 'stolen kiss': the perfect 'nude' for my Latina lips. Nothing beats the texture of Nars lip gloss; it's by far the creamiest.

mac lip glass in  'please me: a great color to add over the Nars gloss to give dimension. Not the biggest fan of the texture as it's a little bit too sticky, but if it's applied over another gloss then it's do-able.

{pursuing beauty faves}


  1. I recently tried Jergen's natural glow lotion and I'm obsessed! I love the natural and subtle glow that it gives your legs, perfect for summer ;)

    ^may beauty favorites on the blog today

  2. Great product picks Ashley! Love a great lipgloss :)

  3. Interesting products! I do also love the gloss! a kiss


  4. I love that Jergen's lotion - I use it weekly! If anyone in the comments is wondering, I do use it for a tan and it always provides subtle, consistent coverage. :)


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!