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November 6, 2014

8 Ways to Wear Distressed Denim

"You paid for them to come like that? With holes in them?" - Grandma referencing my torn jeans circa 2006. I'll never forget that line, how it made me giggle, and how it's SO true. I'm willing to shell out moolah for jeans that have rips and tears... mind you, they're very carefully ripped and teared! These 3 pairs have been on heavy rotation as of late: 
ways to wear distressed denim, how to style distressed jeans, fall style, fall fashion
{#targetstyle // fringe benefits  // animal style // falling into fall}

For any of you under 5'4" these are the PERFECT ankle length jeans because they're technically a cropped style. J Brand, if you're reading, would love for you to make them in other washes! #thanks

ways to wear distressed denim, how to style distressed jeans, fall style, fall fashion

Headed to New Orleans this weekend for a wedding (and you thought I was exaggerating in Monday's post!) Follow the adventures on Insta. PS: only a few more days to enter my T + J designs giveaway.

{pursuing distressed denim}


  1. Love how you style one of my favorite clothing items!


  2. LOVE distress! I have been looking for these but they seem to be out of my size :-( you look fab, per usual.


  3. Ashley thank you so much for sharing these tips, and these amazing looks. I'm like 5 foot nothing and always have the hardest time to find the perfect skinny or distressed jeans. I didn't have no choice but to make two on my own basically hahaha. Love these looks and thank you for the inspiration always.
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  4. Very cute Ash! I'm wearing distressed denim tomorrow on my blog :) great minds think alike!


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!