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March 3, 2015

So, you Airbnb'd...

The idea of renting out a stranger's home is a bit odd and at the same time absolutely genius. My mind set as of late is just do it, so that's what I did for last week's Palm Desert getaway and boy did it work out:

airbnb palm desert, faqs about airbnb,

She was a desert gem, just like the pictures showcased on the Airbnb listing. To be fair it wasn't the first time I've stayed at an Airbnb but it was the first time I booked the place and went through the whole process myself. Here are a few of my takeaways in case you've been thinking about taking the plunge:

- The second you click book the funds are withdrawn from your account or charged via your payment method. I know you're probably thinking "duh Ashley, what else did you think was going to happen?" There was some mention of confirming the dates with the owner along the process, so naturally (maybe I'm an idiot) I was under the impression book was the formal communication to the owner for my rental inquiry.

- How do I get the keys? Every owner is different. I've stayed at places before where the key is left under the planter and the owner emails all the deets ahead of time or in this case, the owner mailed me the house keys along with a list of to-dos, restaurants in the area, and helpful phone numbers in case of emergencies.

- But Ashley, what about the sheets? What about them? (Get your mind out of the gutter!) There's washers and dryers - no different than a normal hotel room.

- The best part is that the owner and I started texting (via Airbnb) as soon as everything was booked which made us both super comfortable with communicating - it came in handy during our stay when we couldn't figure out how to turn the gas fireplace on!

- As soon as you get settled into the place the uneasy feeling of staying in a stranger's house quickly fades and it almost feel likes a bungalow hotel experience. That's more or less true assuming their aren't tons of pictures of the owners placed around the house (it happens!). If anything, a good stay at an Airbnb is a great education on how to be an A+ Airbnb rental provider if you ever decide to open up your place!

airbnb palm desert, faqs about airbnb,

Things to remember:

 If there's a pool, ask about pool heaters and any extra charges associated with them

Just because you have it in your house, doesn't mean they will. ie: specific cooking or grilling utensils, blenders, etc.

Extra toilet paper is always a good idea

Over communicate with the owner to make them feel comfortable especially when checking in and out

airbnb palm desert, faqs about airbnb,

I'm sure every Airbnb experience is differnt but all in all I would say it's something everyone should try at least once! Have any other Airbnb Qs? You know you can always find me on Twitter


  1. Airbnb is the best! We stayed in a huge apartment in NYC over Christmas, with 3 beds and 2 baths - perfect for our party of 6! I mean, a 2 bath in NYC?! #winning

    I would love the link to the place you stayed at in Palm Springs, as I've been wanting to plan a trip there and I'm swooning over that mid-mod design! @eatpraywearlove on Twitter or email at eatpraywearlove@gmail.com xx

  2. So much love for AirBNB. Hotels emphasize separateness (you don't belong in the city, you're an outsider, a tourist) and AirBNBs feel so much more authentic and homely to me. Less contrived and more comfortable. Sold hook, line and sinker!

    Michelle Marie


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