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May 18, 2015

But First, Coffee...

Top o' the mornin' to ya! Hope you had a fab fab weekend. I'm currently en route to SF on a very early flight. And by very early I mean 'I should've just stayed up all night' early. Needless to say I'm going to need a cup of coffee or two. 

how to make coffee at home, but first coffee, starbucks at home, blogger starbucks post

When I'm not traveling I'm working from home (eek! more on that soon) and I'm proud to say that I've become a coffee maker instead of just a coffee pick-er-up-er. Starbucks and I go way back, gold card and all, and it feels good to finally bring my so called bff home. Coffee has this way of bringing people together, whether it's chit chatting at an actual store front or just the smell of a delicious house blend enticing the fam down the stairs in the AM - I love it! That and it's pretty much a daily essential for 99% of us. 

Call me a barista (or not), but here are few things I've been doing to spice up my in-home brewing sessions: 

how to make coffee at home, but first coffee, starbucks at home, blogger starbucks post

* add a dash of cinnamon: cinnamon just feels fancy + tastes delicious! 
* swap out creamer with Juice Served Here's 'Cream Party' for ultimate healthy goodness
* make coffee ice cubes to create the perfect iced coffee 

Truth be told my patience is growing thinner as I get older (how can this be?!) and the idea of waiting to make/drink my iced coffee is not even an option. Enter coffee ice cubes: let your recent brew cool down a bit and than add coffee ice cubes. Cold undiluted coffee right at home? Sign me up! Don't even get me stared on the 'cream party'. Four words: heaven in your mouth! 

Hope you have a fantastic week! Countdown to the three day weekend has official begun... 


  1. Great post. Welcome back to SF :) I'm back too, and it's very chilly, hope you brought sweaters!

    P.S. For a great cup of coffee (and beans) go to Front Cafe in Portrero Hill of SF. Lovely lattes and such.

    All the best,


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!