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May 22, 2015


Hangry /ˈhæŋgrɪ/ adjective: When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both.

We've all experienced bouts of hangry.  Lately, since I've been traveling so much and running around to and fro, my bouts of hangry have exponentially increased. We're talking 2pm "Omg all I've had today is coffee... need something instantly... will punch someone" hangry.  Then comes the Taco Bell burrito supremes and the post "I hate myself for eating that" feeling. Don't get me started on my tummy's true feelings. Needless to say the struggle was definitely real!

Things have gotten a bunch better since the team at Nourish Snacks sent me some goodies last month. Have you guys ever heard of them? They make portioned size snacks - think granolas,  peanuts, and trail mixes - that are really healthy (like REALLY healthy) but super delicious. Not typically two adjectives you see in the same sentence... let's just say they're kind of magical. 

nourish snacks on the go, food on the go, healthy snack options

Besides the gluten free, diary free, less than 200 calories aspects, my two favorite things are the bite-sized portions and the fact that there are sweet and savory options. So often snacks like this come in ginormous bags that have to be portioned out - sorry, 'aint nobody got time for that. These "packets" allow for quick fuel on the go. I've literally stuffed them in every purse, travel tote, and my car's center console. The sweet and savory options are just that: options. Sometimes I don't want vanilla flavored granola at 3pm so I'll reach for the citrus roasted corn nuts. 

nourish snacks on the go, food on the go, healthy snack options

Coco'nilla is def one of my fave flavors so far, followed by monkey love. Btw, Nourish Snacks is offering you guys 10% off through the end of May with the code PURSUITOFSHOES. Do it! Your hangry tummy will thank you. 

Happy 3 day weekend, guys! I'm spending the next 5 days up in Oregon at Cannon Beach with the boy and his fam. Hoping to get some real r&r and disconnect. Let's see how this goes... 

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