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May 27, 2015

#TargetStyle: 3 Essential Face Products for Summer

This post is sponsored by Target.

Summer is almost here! Besides Christmas, this is my favorite time of year because there’s nothing like buying new bikinis, fun in the sun, and a good ol’ bronze. Yes, I know I’m bronzed year around but Mexis still tan and there’s something about a summer glow that’s oh-so-flattering. You know what I mean?

True story: unfortunately summer is also the season when my skin freaks… “like go back to high school zit cream” freak out. As I’ve gotten older I’m learning it’s really a combination of extra sun, sweat, and additional face products like basic sunscreen. This year I’m determined to stay abreast of the freak out by taking a few more minutes every day to treat my skin extra special. The three products I’m working with are Neutrogena Retinol Daily Moisturizer with SPF, Neutrogena’s cleansing facial wipes, and Jergens Natural Glow for face with SPF.

It’s not necessarily about adding tons of new products to the regimen but just staying consistent with an already existing regimen and most importantly, ensuring that broad spectrum SPF is getting on the skin EVERY DAY. Guys, this isn’t a PSA for skin cancer but I recently read some crazy stat about the increase in Melanoma; it’s scary how people aren’t just doing the smart thing like wearing sunscreen when they go to the beach. C’mon! On top of that there are so many fab products with SPF (make sure it’s broad spectrum) that can be used every day to prevent skin aging and cancer. Enter my fave:

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Neutrogena Retinol Daily Moisturizer. I posted about this a few months ago as part of my 5 minute face and it’s great because it has retinol benefits as well as SPF. There’s no scent and it perfectly moisturizes. I actually just bought this for the bf the other day because I want him to protect his face especially as we go into the summer months. Since my face get super sensitive to regular sunscreen, especially in the sweaty summer months, this baby is a life-saver for protection and prevention. I’m also making sure I put it on my neck and chest since there will be a lot of tank tops and v-necks happening in the next couple months. 

how to apply jergens natural glow, target beauty finds, summer beauty products

A go-to of mine for years… YEARS (we’re talking college days) is Jergens natural glow for face and body. Sounds silly since I’m already tan but it truly makes my skin more “glowy” if that makes sense. I typically lay off the face lotion for the fall and winter months and pick back up again at the beginning of summer for a few reasons: it makes any fun-in-the-sun tan last longer, evens out skin-tone for bare-faced days, and also has SPF benefits. I know that layering on different sunscreen products doesn’t add to the SPF but I figure the more the better, right? I also have fair-skinned friends that use this to get a truly safe summer glow which is really the best way to get a tan.

target beauty buys, how to use jergens natural glow, summer beauty products

Last but not least is Neutrogena’s cleansing facial wipes. The lavender night time ones are my fave because they’re extra calming! Normally I’m really lazy about taking off my makeup. Usually I just use a cleanser and hope it works to remove makeup and clean pores. I know... it’s so bad! That’s probably the number one reason my face freaks out in the summer because there’s all the additional sweat build up from the heat. This summer, my goal is to make an effort to really use these wipes to get off all the makeup before even attempting to wash my face. 

Summer, I’m ready for ya! Do you guys have any face products you love for the warm-weather months? I would love to know. Btw, find your style @Targetstyle.

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