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June 18, 2015

Day to Night Beauty Look

Happy almost Friday! Does it feel like the longest week ever or what? 

I've been traveling a ton which I love but sometimes packing is a struggle, especially when it comes to makeup. Usually the core products make the cut and the rest are left home because I don't want to deal with bringing a handful of different eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, etc. This strategy makes for an easy carry-on but not so exciting beauty looks on the go. #thestruggleisreal That's why I'm super pumped for the new Buxom Eyeshadow Bar

Recently the Buxom team reached out to me to share their new customizable eyeshadow palette that allows you to pick any 6 shades that YOU love.  So genius, right? I mean how many times have you purchases a palette and only used 2 or 3 shades? It's such a waste! You don't even want to see the drawer of half used palettes I have in my bathroom right now. (This is when I need the monkey with his hands over his eye emoji!) Anywho - I'm so pumped for the palette because I customized 6 perfect day-to-night shades that will be perfect for all my travel adventures.

buxom eyeshadow palette sephora, day to night makeup look

The colors I put together fit my minimal day look but then have the potential to make a very sultry evening look. I don't know if it's my complexion or brown eyes but I love a good purple eyeshadow.

buxom eyeshadow palette sephora, day to night makeup look

For day it's all about a light brown shadow and a little shimmer in the center to brighten my "I snoozed like 7 times this AM" eyes. During this whole exercise I also discovered Buxom's nude lip foundation and it's amazing. Have you ever heard of it? It gives a sexy matte finish that perfectly matches your lips. I then added my go-to lip gloss for a little shine. I digress...

buxom eyeshadow palette sephora, day to night makeup look

Back to the palette - Buxom has also created 3 pre-made palettes for you to chose from in case the idea of creating your own is a little too daunting. What's funny is the 'Dolly's Wild Side' is almost exactly what I needed in my life except I was craving a black eyeshadow for defining my eyes in the evening. Honestly it's so fun creating the palette, like makeup legos! Each color is primer-infused, meaning that there’s no need to prep with primer; another great thing for traveling. I love that they're making it easy on us. 

buxom eyeshadow palette sephora, day to night makeup look

As I mentioned above, for night I like to add some purple and create a smokey look with black shadow. Definitely glam but I love it!

{see full look here // buxom eyeshadow bar}

If you're a makeup maven or just like to make your life easier and more customized (I'm the latter!) then definitely check out the new palette. I feel the need to plan another vacation or work travel now... love how that works out! 

{pursuing eyeshadow palettes}

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  1. Ok seriously you need to help me with my makeup Ash! Killin' It :)


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