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June 2, 2015

Bikinis + Beaches: Palms on Palms

** update: this suit is currently sold out but here are a handful of amazing one-piece options, including Mara Hoffman's newest version of last year's palm print**

My motto: treat yo' self! Not just on yummy delicious desserts but also splurge-worthy bathing suits like this Mara Hoffman beauty.  Continuing swim week with a suit that has frequented my IG (here + here) and begs the question "how the heck do you wear that thing?" Let me tell you...

Sexy one-piece swimsite, Mara Hoffman Palm Print One-Piece, how to wear one piece, Manhattan Beach
Sexy one-piece swimsite, Mara Hoffman Palm Print One-Piece, how to wear one piece, Manhattan Beach

... very very carefully! And with the help of some fashion tape. When I stumbled upon this Mara Hoffman suit during a late-night, wine induced, online shopping sesh, it was one of those "have to have this right now" moments.  Truth: it could've been the wine talking! 

On the model it looks like it magically fits in all the right places (of course!) but in real life that's not the case... well, unless you don't move. The deep v is ultra flattering and super sexy but with any given movement you could be giving the whole world a show. I want sexy but not THAT sexy. Enter fashion tape: one strip on each side, over your boobs, as close to the seam as possible and you have an instant fix; there's no gaping or pulling. Honestly, after putting on the tape I was perfectly comfortable for a full day of beach and pool festivities in Miami.  Obviously I wouldn't go neck deep in water but the tape can definitely with handle sweat and humidity. 

Anywho, I'm SO glad I bought it because it's a gem! The style is super unique and the print is adorbs (some may argue it's not palm trees but I'll let you decide); definitely a statement suit. If you're thinking of splurging on a one-piece this season, this is it! 

{pursuing sexy one-piece swimsuits}


  1. I definitely added this suit to my collection after seeing how cute it looked on you! Heading to Vegas next month, and knew it would be the perfect piece! Totally with you on the ultra suggestive print though!

    xx, Leah / Eat Pray Wear Love

  2. In love with tiis bathing-suit mama, and I wish I had your body to rock it. Love the print!

    Berty Morales
    Mad For Fashion For Less

  3. You look amazing! Love the one piece, I'm looking forward to rockin' a similar styled suit for Hawaii :D


  4. Gah!! Now you have me second guessing myself! I talked myself out of the leopard and colorful print until I saw this on you!! Is it that hard to "stay in"?!

    C's Collection

  5. I wish I could find this cut and fit in a top. Love love love how sexy turn classy the cleavage is


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!