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September 1, 2015

Travel Diary: Hicksville Trailer Palace

I somehow found myself in the desert twice in August, both in pursuit of a killer time. During my last stint (aka this past weekend) I went to the Hicksville Tailer Palace and let's just say that Hicksville isn't your normal trailer park. We're talking tricked out trailers in the cutest little park in the middle of NOWHERE. It was bananas, total sensory overload! 

On Saturday AM we packed up the fire ball, bikinis, and some burgers and drove towards Joshua Tree. The best part is that Hicksville has no address and guests are forbidden to geotag the location on any social media platform (I almost died!!)

Hicksville Trailer Palace, What is Hicksville, Joshua Tree Trailer Camping
{hicksville view from rooftop hot tub}

what to expect: 

Awesomeness. Each trailer has its own theme that dictates the outside and inside decor. In true glamping spirit they are all equipped with AC and heat, thank goodness! The boy and I stayed in the Pee Wee (see pic below) which was actually a trailer in Pee Wee's Big Adventure. There were 15 of us total and we rented out 90% of the "palace" which is totally the way to go... we ran the place. 

Hicksville Trailer Palace, Pee Wee Herman Movie, What is Hicksville
{pee wee trailer}

there are no:

- indoor showers 
- individual toilets
- stoves

there are: 

- fun things like bb guns, bow + arrows, teepees, and mini golf
- the expected amenities like pool, hot tub, and fire pits


- an open mind, lots of booze, and water (especially in the summer)
- food to grill + self lighting charcoals (a must!)
- friends!
- a polaroid camera (I forgot mine)

Outdoor Shower, The Beach People Towel, Hicksville Trailer Palace, Original Roundie
{outdoor shower}

Pabst Blue Ribbon Sign, Antique beer sign, Hicksville Trailer Palace
 {game room}

Oye Swimwear Bane, Hicksville Trailer Palace, Bikini and Coffee

We partied pretty hard (as evidence by my snapchat), so the morning after was very very quiet. Nothing like enjoying a cup of coffee in the middle of the dessert wearing your new one-piece! #takemeback

polkda dot chair cushions, Hicksville Trailer Palace, What is Hicksville, Joshua Tree

Until next time, Hicksville.  Btw, the best way to really get a sense of the place is by looking at the hashtag on IG #hicksvilletrailerpalace - isn't it awesome? Tweet at me (@pursuitofshoes) if you have any Qs about renting, packing, etc. I'm obsessed and would encourage everyone to check it out! 


  1. I have never heard of anything like this, but it looks so awesome!! How did you even hear about this?! And I LOVE that one piece!


  2. Okay that looks like serious fun. I wonder if there's anything like that other places in the country!


    1. Maggie I was just thinking the same thing! Where else in the states can I find neat little places like this?! It's so different from the typical rooftop bar or resort pool. The search begins!!

      xo, Linda

  3. Looks like you had so much fun!


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!