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September 10, 2015

Local Guide: Pasadena

Last Sunday I did a little Instagram takeover for @discoverla, sharing some of my favorite spots in Pasadena, and it got me thinking... I should share my LA favorites with YOU GUYS! Sometimes I don't appreciate the awesome places to eat, play, and explore in LA because I've lived here my whole life but really this place is magical. In an effort to help me appreciate my surroundings and provide you guys with some great tips for local spots in LA, today is the first of hopefully many Local Guide stories!

One of my favorite spots in Los Angeles is Pasadena - part is nostalgia as I spent a lot of my high school years hanging out there and the other is that the city is truly a gem, they don't call it "The Crown of the Valley" for nothing! Here's my perfect day in Pasadena:

{old town}

Old Town Pasadena is where it's at... and by it, I mean frozen yogurt. 21 Choices is THE froyo spot. They were doing make -your-own froyo before it was cool to make-your-own froyo. Believe me, I've been out of high school for more than 10 yrs! You can make your own creation or go with a tried and true daily selection. My go to: vanilla with chocolate chip cookie dough and bananas. #soyum

21 choices ice cream, where to go in Pasadena, Old Town Pasadena
21 choices ice cream, where to go in Pasadena, Old Town Pasadena

Besides froyo, the shopping in Old Town is fantastic! You'll find almost every shop you can think of from Forever21 and Madewell to Crate & Barrel and the Apple Store.  I also secretly love the diagonal crosswalks #efficientshopping! 

shopping in Pasadena, what to do in Old Town Pasadena

If you're hungry:

- best burger: Slater 50/50s
- italian: mi piace
- coffee shop: copa vida
- cutest dessert bar: pop champagne

Langham Hotel Pasadena, where to go in Pasadena

After you've shopped 'till you drop in Old Town head over to The Langham hotelWhether or not you've booked a stay here, it's a beautiful spot to visit. Roam the lush landscapes, sit out by the pool, treat yourself to tea time or even better, a spa appointment! It's also great for a romantic date night.

Rose Bowl, where to go in Pasadena, what to do at the Rose Bow

Another one of my fave spots is The Rose Bowl which is located in the gorgeous Arroyo Seco; it's a beautiful place to workout and get a good run in. And of course, I love stopping by the Rose Bowl flea marketing on the 2nd Sunday of every month. Not to mention all the great concerts and football games that pass through. 

How to wear long vest, loaffler randall cheetah flats, pursuit of shoes
Who knew that Pasadena had so much to offer? And honestly, this is just a dent! There's S. Lake Street, Huntington Library + Gardens, and so much more. 

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  1. Oh, I love this feature! My brother lived in Pasadena for a few years, and I was able to visit him a couple of times. I absolutely loved it there (I live in Upstate NY, so our weather is terrible and the complete opposite, the food is not nearly as good, and the shopping is definitely not as amazing). The last time I was there, I remember stopping at 21 Choices every day, and we did dinner at Mi Piace one night, too. So good. I would definitely go back, even though he has since moved and I don't have a free place to stay anymore. :)

  2. So cute! Now I want ice cream :p


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