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October 15, 2015

Travel Guide: New Orleans Part Two

You know when you've planned out something so perfectly and then it just doesn't happen? Story of my life this week with blog posts and everything in general. It's been a #neverenoughtime kind of week prepping for the bff's wedding and next week's trip to SF + Big Sur. My best friend's wedding is in two days and I haven't finished my MOH speech... I know... let's not go there.

Speaking of travel, a few weeks ago I spent the weekend in New Orleans and fell even more in love with it than I did the first time. (check out my Nola travel diary part 1) It's such a beautiful place with so much culture and the NICEST people you'll ever meet. If you saw my snapchat over that weekend then you know what I mean. Long story short, we met a few guys on Friday night and ended up going on a swamp tour with them on Sunday in this remote part of New Orleans. Was it the smartest idea to go to the swamp with strangers? Probably not. Does it make for a great story and did we have the BEST time? Absolutely! And in the end we realized they were truly just being hospitable which reminds me I need to send them a thank you gift.

Other than our swamp adventure we focused mostly on food (duh!) and shopping. Here are a few must-have stops for your next Nola trip: 

where to go in New Orleans, Travel Guide NOLA, Cafe Du Monde, Willa Jean


Coquette is off Magazine street and was the most delicious dinner I've ever had in New Orleans, quite possibly ever. They hit on the farm to table freshness with a southern twist and all I can say is that the flavors are incredible. Each bite was A+.

District is also off Magazine Street; unless you're feeling real gluttonous then you'll probably want to go to Coquette and District on separate days. District does two things: donuts and sliders. Genius right? Two of my favorite things. The space is super hip, reminds me a lot like some Venice spots.

Willa Jean seems like the most happening spot for brunch; we only did coffee and pastries but they were fabulous and the atmosphere is super cutesy. It's in a newly developed part of town with lots of "hip" spots - pressed juice, cute boutiques, pilates studio. You get the picture!

Cafe Du Monde - one word: beignets

Bacchanal Wine is touted as Nola's backyard party and it's just that. It's not like rowdy house party vibes but just a great group of friends getting together for wine, a delicious meal, and fabulous live Nola jazz. Just thinking about it makes me want to book a plane ticket back! It's also the #1 item on Airbnb's "Things to do" in New Orleans.


UAL is THE spot of discount designer finds. It's not like a Nordstrom Rack but a smaller boutique with really great items - I found some insane shoe gems from YSL and Prada. It's in the Quarter, so super easy to stop by when doing all the other things around there.

Hattie Sparks is near Willa Jean - grab brunch then stroll over to shop.  It has the cutest assortment of cards, home decor, accessories and clothes. Think Pinterest board come to life kind of boutique!

Hope this helps you plan your next (or first) trip to New Orleans! I'm salivating just thinking about all the delicious food.

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  1. Awesome recap--I like the little map you shared.

    Good luck tomorrow and with the speech! #killit


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