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January 21, 2016

#TargetStyle: New Year, New Beauty

This post is sponsored by Target.

Is it just me, or is it already feeling like the busiest year?!  I just returned from SF and I'm putting the final touches on my 30th birthday party in Palm Springs which is happening in a few weeks. Eek, you guys, I'm turning 30. I can't even begin to talk about it.

 Anywho, this year is destined to be busier because one of my goals is to travel more. I'm so grateful that my job allows me the flexibility to do it, so why not take advantage? Life's all about the experiences and adventures. Last year during some of my adventures, one of the things I started to do was refine my travel beauty regimen.  My skin hates airplanes and packing my entire makeup bag is totally not necessary. This year, I'm introducing a few new products into my travel arsenal for the sake of keeping my skin looking fresh and blemish free + only grabbing the must-haves for weekend getaways. See my tips below:

target beauty, laneige at target, pursuit of shoes, ashley beauty regimen

It's safe to say I'm not the only one whose skin hates airplanes. I read an article once that talked about the reason skin gets so dry and irritated from flying; it's because there is less oxygen in the cabin and your skin can't breath! Makes total sense. For me, dry and irritated ends up turning into annoying blemishes. I found that when I had back-to-back trips I came back so broken out and my skin just looked awful. By the time it all got back to normal, I was on a plane to the next trip and so the cycle continued. I tried a few things -- moisturizers, refreshing face sprays -- but nothing really solved the issue. Then I stumbled on Laneige at Target. Their hydration collection is AMAZING! It's very mild but really just puts all the moisture back into your skin without the feeling of lotion, greasiness, etc.

My current travel skin-care routine:

- Never fly with makeup
- Apply Laneige Water Bank Serum before flying
- For next two washes, use Laneige multi-cleanser
- Continue with normal skin care

It's just a small addition to my travel beauty routine but really makes a world of difference! The best part is that those products (plus more) are included in Laneige hydration test kit, which is perfectly travel sized... winning!

travel beauty tips, laneige at target, best beauty tips for travel
travel beauty tips, laneige at target, best beauty tips for travel

So let's talk about travel makeup must-haves. Back in the day, I would pack ALL the palettes, all the brushes, all. the. things. It's so not necessary when you think about it (unless you're doing some super glam trip, obviously), so now it's just the essentials:

-Tinted moisturizer
- Concealer
- Blush
- One eyeshadow palette
- Eyeliner
- Mascara
- Berry lip color

pixi eye shadow, target beauty tips, best target beauty buys

These are pretty obvious, but I think the question is always "But which eye shadow palette or lipstick?" So many options. I've narrowed it down to  Pixi's eye shadow palette in plum quartz and Sonia Kashuk's very berry lip color. The palette, which I've been using since August, is perfect for brown eyes, and it can easily take a look from day to night. The pinky lip-color pretty much works for any occasion.

best target beauty buys, sonya kashuk from target, pursuit of shoes for target
the best target beauty buys, sonya kashuk, pixi palette, pursuit of shoes beauty
the best target beauty buys, sonya kashuk, pixi palette, pursuit of shoes beauty

Since I've been working with Target, I've really come to love Pixi and Sonia Kashuk products; the quality and colors are amazing. Obviously the price point is great too, so they're the perfect combo. See more ideas for starting the year off on the right beauty foot on Target’s YouTube page and find your style @TargetStyle. 

{shop my Target beauty faves}

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