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April 29, 2016

#Pursuing30: I've Been Drinkin' ...

Nope, still not done talking about my 30th! I have until I turn 31, right?

 Going into the weekend and my bff's 30th birthday, I thought it would only make sense to share the essential element to any great birthday bash: booze. And since I'm now a mature adult (30 is a big deal, you guys!), not just any booze would do for #pursuing30. I turned to The Whaling Club to create two delicious cocktails for the weekend.

The Whaling Club is known for using the freshest ingredients and creating very strong, yet perfectly balanced drinks; they are dangerously delicious!

whaling club cocktails, palm springs birthday party ideas, custom cocktails

Working with The Whaling Club was a breeze. I basically explained the vibe I was going for and that we needed two cocktails:

 1) for Friday night as guests were arriving from LA. It needed to be a good pre-dinner drink that would work well going into our wine pairings at Workshop.  So, we landed on Brown Derby which is a bourbon and pink grapefruit cocktail. Needless to say it was delicious!  They  also provided huge hand cut ice cubes which are perfect for gatherings because they don't water down the cocktail.

bourbon cocktail ideas, the whaling club, hand cut ice cubes, birthday party palm springs
spicy margarita recipe, the whaling club, palm springs pool party idea

2) the pool party cocktail! It's kind of daunting to pick one cocktail that 20+ people would like to drink for a whole day - hah- another reason to hire a professional cocktail company. The Whaling Club suggested a spicy margarita recipe that would be great for tequila lovers and non-tequila lovers alike. The ​Margarita Picante cocktail was perfect for a warm Palm Springs pool day. Not too sweet or spicy, but boy did it pack a punch. 

spicy margarita recipe, the whaling club, palm springs pool party idea
spicy margarita recipe, the whaling club, palm springs pool party idea
palm springs pool party ideas, jumping in pool, fun boy floaties
{photos: valorie darling}

And this my friends, is what happens after you drink spicy margaritas all day! 

I definitely suggest checking out The Whaling Club if you're hosting an event, wedding, or birthday party because their cocktails are ON POINT. Also, if you're in the LA area, they do some really great cocktail classes... I'll drink to that!

Back next week with a few more other party details! Also, if you're looking for other party inspo check out the DIY champagne bar + painted pineapples from #pursuing30.

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