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April 2, 2016

#Pursuing30: The Essentials for an Epic Pool Party

Ask any of my friends, I love me a good birthday party. Whether it's throwing one for others or for myself, I like to go ALL out, because, why not? You only turn (insert age) once plus it's a reason to get all your favorite people together for an epic party.

For my 30th I wanted to go big, as most of us do, so I settled on The Amado in Palm Springs which ended up being the PERFECT spot for 20 or so people. I won't go into to much detail about the place, since you can check it out on their site, but it basically boasts 6 bedrooms each in their own secluded apartments with one main guest house that all look in to the pool. You can book individual units or the whole property, so naturally, I booked the entire property and it was awesome!

how to throw a pool party, funboy pool floats, inflatable swan
30th birthday party ideas, how to throw a pool party, print out for 30th birthday

#pursuing30 came with a pretty busy itinerary but the goal was to make the most of Friday night on the town then spend the rest of the weekend at the house ie: have an epic pool party...

And pool party we did! Besides booze (thanks Whaling Club!) and tunes, there are four other must-haves to making any pool party a success:

how to throw a pool party, funboy pool floats, inflatable swan

1. pool floats: I knew I didn't want the typical swan or pizza floaty, so I turned to funboy since they're like the epitome of awesome pool floats.  The pegasus and gold swan were great loungers and photo props. They also fit 2 people pretty comfortably! Of course, the boys ended up using them to play a game -  who could jump from the side of the pool and successfully land on the float without dumping it over - 30 going on 13, always! Psst... don't forget the air pump, these babies are impossible to blow up with your mouth.

{funboy pool floats FTW}

how to throw a pool party, polaroid party pics, urban outfitters essentials
how to throw a pool party, funboy pool floats, inflatable swan, pursuit of shoes birthday party
how to throw a pool party, polaroid pictures, 30th birthday party ideas

2. polaroid pics: it's not a party without polaroids, promise, they're better than Instagram sometimes! I bought a few cameras and laid them out around the pool area for everyone to grab snaps. Then on Sunday I strung them in the main house for everyone reminisce on during brunch. 

{polaroid must-haves}

how to throw a pool party, funboy pool floats, inflatable swan
polaroid pictures, 30th birthday pool party ideas
how to throw a pool party, funboy pool floats, inflatable swan
{photos: valorie darling}

3. huge balloons: every party needs an instagrammable balloon backdrop, am I right? I shied away from doing # signage because it's been done... a lot. In brainstorming some funny sayings, a friend and I landed on YOUNG AF, that's young as f*** in case it doesn't translate. It totally represented my feelings about being 30 and was just the right amount of letters for a pool backdrop. Note to self: be very trust worthy with whoever is in charge of blowing these up. One mishap and you're without a letter! I would almost suggest having backup balloons if it's feasible. Believe me, you don't want your significant other driving all around Palm Springs looking for a replacement. Yup, that happened.

4. FRIENDS! Duh, birthdays are nothing without friends. I can't even explain how much joy it gives me to look back on these pics because we just had the most incredible time and made some hysterical memories.

{essentials for an epic pool party}

Stay tuned - back tomorrow sharing all about the Saturday AM champagne bar! 


  1. Your party looks absolutely amazing! Happy that you rang in your 30's the right way!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time! Happy 30th!


  3. This party is GOALS! I'm taking note for when I turn the big 3-0!

  4. Hi!
    I was wondering where you had your 30th Birthday itinerary done? They are so beautiful!

    Thank you,


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!