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April 28, 2016

Gonna Upgrade Ya

Working from home comes with its peaks and pits; I would definitely say I've grown to LOVE it over the past year, but in the beginning it was tough! For me, the two hardest parts have been 1) finding inspiration in my home on days when I spend 8 hours working by myself (it gets lonely!) and 2) making sure I'm mobile enough to get up and go, especially because I've been traveling a bunch lately. 

To add a little spice to my work routine I've partnered with Society6; they have home and tech products all featuring amazing art that artists submit to the platform. It's seriously cool! 

how to decorate office, decorating with mint color, society6 clocks

When it comes to adding a little inspso, I'm all about the color mint right now and have been adding mint details throughout my space to give it some life. As I was putting together my Society6 collection, I stumbled upon their assortment of clocks and decided I pretty much need one in every room. At this point I feel like clocks are truly decor pieces, not for function. Since we are all permanently connected to a clock via our cell phones -- why not get fun and creative with your wall clock? Hence my decision to get this mint clock!

how to decorate office, decorating with mint color, society6 clocks

So cute, right? I opted for the white finish for a super clean look, but they do have 3 different finishes for almost every design, which is nice.

When it comes to amping up my mobile game, I literally got ALL the things: new laptop case, iPad skin, macbook air skin, and new cell case. Hah - see I wasn't lying!

marble iphone computer cases, palm print tech skin, how to decorate tech toys

I used to be the girl who thought skins were silly until recently. What happened? Well everyone and their mom has a macbook (my mom actually doesn't have one, but you know what I mean) and as I was going through security at LAX the man in front of me accidentally grabbed my laptop on the other side instead of his. Had I not realized his laptop looked significantly cleaner than mine, he would've gone off with my laptop and who knows what would've happened. If that's not a reason to put a skin on your laptop, I don't know what is.

And can we talk about this banana leaf iPad skin? It makes me want to use my iPad more just because it's soo cute!

My favorite part about all the things at Society6 is that you can literally find one print you LOVE and get a plethora of items in that print. I mean, they even have bedding and shower curtains. This palm tree print is one of those "I want everywhere" types of prints:

palm tree print framed, how to do banana leaf plant indoors, decorating beach bedroom
palm tree print framed, how to do banana leaf plant indoors, decorating beach bedroom

I've rounded a few of my other favorite prints and pieces in a fun collection - check it out if you're looking for some new upgrade inspo.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Society6& & studioD. The opinions and text are all mine.


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