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September 16, 2016

Face Faves: My Can't Live Without Skin Products

It's been awhile since I shared my skin faves on the blog...  like more than 2 years (literally)! Back in April I talked beauty routines with Glitter Guide which included a roundup of skin and makeup products, but today it's all about my day and night skincare.

For starters, I have acne-prone, oily skin. In high school and college I battled pretty bad acne but as I've gotten older and tried ALL. THE. THINGS., I feel like I finally have a handle on what makes my skin flare up and what to do to combat it. These things are not my friends: alcohol, fatty/glutenous foods, travel, and going to bed without makeup on!

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{clinique moisturizing gel // clinique liquid face soap // clinique 'take time off' balm // kiehls 'midnight recovery' concentrate // kiehls midnight recovery eye // kiehls powerful strength line reducing concentrate for face + eyes // mario badescu drying lotion // SK-II facial treatment essence // clearasil ultra face pads // garnier miscellar water // avon clinical advanced re-texturizing pads}

Keep in mind that my go-to routine is when I'm being really good. I've been known to fall asleep on the couch (for the whole night) after a few glasses of wine which means I don't wash my face... not a good look guys, not a good look. 90% of the routine I went through on Glitter Guide, so I'm just going to highlight a few product faves below:

I'm a big Clinique and Kiehls girl. I fell in love with Clinique after a really great in-store experience with the Clinique team. Their products are really gentle and very customizable for specific skin types. ie: I use the moisturizing gel instead of the lotion since my skin is oily. I also swear by the 'take time off' balm which is a genius way to remove makeup; it's basically like putting lip balm all over your dry face and then washing it off. Sounds silly but it works and it's way less harsh on the skin compared to other makeup removers. Most makeup removers dry out the skin which in turn lead to over-production of oils to compensate - not a good look for us already oily girls.

When it comes to Kiehls, I pretty much want ALL THE THINGS. Every anti-aging product they have works miracles especially the midnight recovery and line reducing concentrates; I've gotten a handful of my girlfriends hooked on them. I usually switch between these two every other night.

{shop each by clicking on the pic}
When I was in Croatia one of my friends walked into the bathroom and said "who uses Clearasil Face Pads?" I immediately said "me, and I love that sh*t!" It may be a product that one typically associates with teenagers but it has been a life saver for me. I use them a few times a week especially after heavy makeup or workout days because they keep breakouts at bay. When it's that time of the month or I'm having a really stressful week, sometimes a sucker makes it's way to my face and that's when I turn to Mario Badescu drying lotion + buffering lotion. I use the buffering lotion when I feel a zit coming on and it typically clears it. If for some reason a stubborn breakout that makes it's way to the surface, the drying lotion is the JAM! It's not clear, so you have to wear it at night or when you're home during the day; it basically dries out the zit in 8 hours!

best face products for oily skin, best kiehls, best clinique products, avon

One new product in the arsenal is Garnier's micellar water. It's basically this magical water that acts like a makeup remover and face wash in one. Yup and it's $6.99. Micellar water has been popular in Europe FOREVS and it finally made it's way to the states. I like to use it with a q-tip to take eye makeup off before bedtime but it's also awesome for makeup touch ups at night!

Btw, I'm always sharing my fave new products on snapchat! Give a girl follow: pursuitofshoes.

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  1. Your skin sounds pretty similar to mine and I too feel like I'm finally getting a hold on it too. I surprisingly haven't tried any Garnier products! Thanks for offering a giveaway!!

  2. I definitely need to try some of these!

  3. I love the honest reviews of these products. Clearasil may not have pretty packaging making it photo friendly, but you put some truth down and that's what matters most! :)
    I currently use the MB Drying Lotion but occasionally I'll get a stubborn pimple and the drying lotion just doesn't work on. I'll have to give the buffering lotion a try.
    Thanks for the post!

  4. I also am obsessed with Kiehls products and if they weren't on the pricier side, I would use them for everything. I'm going to need to try your technique for zits as it seems quite foolproof. I'm a bit skeptical about the micellar water cleanser but definitely interested in trying it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. The 5 in 1 pads are super easy AND work wonders! Excited for the give away results!! :)

  6. Love this post especially skin I'm trying to get my skin together. Would love to win the giveaway!!

  7. I love this Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Makeup Remover & Cleanser! Seriously don't know how I didn't know about it sooner.

  8. Thanks! Def want to try the Clinique make up remover balm and the SKI-II! Great posts!


  9. Seriously, the MB Drying Lotion is a GAME CHANGER!! For me, that little bottle lasts for eva, and is a zit/blemish zapper!!!
    Loving this post!!!!


  10. We have very similar skin and I swear by the clearasil pads. I use them after taking off my make up and prior to any skin care. Also the midnight recovery is a life saver, mixing high and low works so well:)

  11. So excited for this post! Pretty sure you and I have the same skin type so I was dying to know your regimen. Excited to try the khiel's and the drying potion!


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