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September 18, 2016

Tips for booking Airbnb Abroad

What was life like before Airbnb? Where did we throw birthday parties, staycation, or have big group slumber parties? What a time to be alive!

 I've been Airbnb'ing since 2015 and have always had the best experiences (knock on wood!), however, when it came time to plan my Europe trip, the thought of staying in a strangers home in a different country seemed a little daunting. Happy to say everything worked out perfectly and I found two awesome spots that I would recommend to anyone traveling in Italy! Below are a few tips for booking Airbnb abroad plus the two listings for my Italy stays: 

{Sperlonga, Italy}

1. location, location, location: check proximity to restaurants and public transportation. A listing may seem awesome and in the general area you'd like to stay, but it could be very far from any type of transportation or food. Ubers are not nearly as prevalent in Europe, so don't depend on the option to just "call an uber." 

2. size matters: many Airbnbs in Europe are HUGE! And by huge I mean sleep 6+ people. This is great for big groups but not so awesome if you're traveling alone. I don't know about you, but it freaks me out when there are multiple dark empty rooms in a house! Read the fine print on total people the Airbnb can accommodate. On the flip side, if you are traveling with a big group, definitely look at the sleeping arrangements. Many Airbnb's seem like they sleep 6+ but 4 of those might be on couches - if that's your jam, great. If it's not, make note! 

3. female hosts: it may seem sexist but I specifically sought out female hosts. As a female traveling alone, I wasn't about to put myself in a situation where a male knew I was by myself for a significant period of time. 

4. read reviews: obvi! 

5. whatsapp: this is one of my 5 must-have apps for traveling abroad! Before I left LA I made sure to get whatsapp info for both Airbnb hosts to ensure we could communicate when I got to Italy. 

{Sperlonga, Italy - view from my Airbnb}

My Airbnb in Sperlonga was the cutest little thing and the view was, well, take a look for yourself! The listing says it sleeps 4 but I would say it works for one couple or a couple with a small child. It's located in the old town which is built up in cliffs and involves a lot of steep stairs/walking. Like most buildings in Europe, it's old which gives it character. If you're looking for a well AC'd, insulated spot... this isn't it. It steps away from boutiques, restaurants, and the beach; perfect for anyone that wants to immerse themselves in the city and explore! More on Sperlonga soon.

My Airbnb in Trastevere (Rome) was perfect for a few nights in Rome. The location is amazing - walking distance to tons of awesome bars and restaurants in Trastevere and just across the Tiber River from the Colosseum. It's great spot for one or two couples spending a few nights in the city - any longer and it might start to feel small. Free wifi and AC was a huge plus, but one thing that's not listed is that the apartment is 5 stories up (steep stairs!) which is challenging with luggage! 

{Trastevere, Italy - view from my Airbnb}

I hope you guys are liking my travel posts! While I was away I decided I really want to bring some more substance and helpful posts to the blog other than just pretty outfit pics. 

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