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October 10, 2016

Girls' Staycation Weekend

"Friendships must be built on a solid foundation of alcohol, sarcasm, inappropriateness, and shenanigans."

Talk about a weekend! Astoria at Central Park West hosted us for an amazing girls' staycation weekend and it was JUST what I needed to get out of my post-Europe funk. For those of you that caught the shenanigans on Snapchat/ Instagram stories, you know it was a canned wine fueled weekend filled with tons of pool time and great laughs (more on the wine later). 

If you happen to be pursuing a successful staycation weekend - one where you are saying "remember when?" months after - then read on for my must-haves: 

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1. the perfect location: something that feels like home but isn't. Sounds silly but one of the only ways to detach and relax is to be away from the every day. To me, the perfect staycation is less than 2 hours away from home and located somewhere I've never really explored. When Astoria at Central Park West reached out, it was a no brainer. Their luxury apartments have ALL. THE. THINGS: valet, gorgeously furnished rooms, state of the art kitchen, concierge, pool + jacuzzi, bbqs, plus they're located in the heart of Irvine which is close to South Coast Plaza, The Camp, and tons of other awesome places.

2. good food + all the wines: it's no secret that eating and drinking brings people together but what's even more fun is cooking together! That's one of the reasons Astoria at Central Park West was a perfect spot because the apt. had all the amenities for making meals together. On Saturday we did a big Whole Foods run and cooked/bbq'd for dinner; it was blast, especially when I dropped all the prepped vegetables on the floor 5 seconds before they were supposed to go on the grill. You can count on me to be your winning sous chef!

I also love the idea of bringing new bevies that may spark up some fun conversation or tastings. Enter Seven Daughter's Canned Pinot Noir. Leave it to Natalie to be a Debbie Downer upon seeing my new beverage of choice until.... yeah... this pic says it all. It's really delicious and we decided it's the perfect option for week night's at home when you just want just one glass of wine and hate opening a brand new bottle. Pretty sure that's all of us!

We also tried the new Spa Girl Cocktails ready to serve cocktails which are perfect with some tonic and ice by the pool! Super refreshing and pretty much ready to go at a moment's notice. YAS!

3. a movie worth crying (or laughing) over: nothing brings a group together like extreme emotions. We went for Me Before You and I pretty much cried like a two-year old throwing a tantrum. It was ugly but oh-so beautiful at the same time.

4. great company: well what's a staycation without friends? Lately, I'm all about bringing together friends from different parts of my life to hang out. Yes, it's partially because I'm insanely busy and want to hit a few birds with one stone but mostly it's because new friends make for great fun and awesome conversation/connections.

5: a pool (or some body of water): there must be some sort of study done about group activities that involve water because I just know that they're 10x more fun. Even if it's a hot tub on a ski trip... you know what I mean? 

girls' pool day, Irvine, day by the pool ideas
{view from the pool at Astoria at Central Park West wearing revel rey swimsuits}

honey milk irvine, acai bowls, best acai bowls irvine
{delicious acai bowls from Milk + Honey @ The Camp}

staycation ideas, girls' pool day ideas, girls' night ideas, casual girls night in fun
Astoria Central Park West
{the chicest couch in our apt. at Astoria at Central Park West}

staycation ideas, girls' pool day ideas, poolside hats

Until the next Staycation! PS: see some of my other Travel Tips here


  1. I completely agree with watching a movie worthy crying/laughing over during a girls' staycation. "Me Before You" was a good pick! My dream staycation would include a cozy hotel, good eats, and allllllll the wine :)

  2. There's never enough weekends you can spend with your favorite girlfriends! My dream vacay is definitely a weekend in Charleston. Probably cliché, but that city is way too beautiful!

  3. My dream girl's weekend would be Napa, CA. Wine tasting, some good eats, and tons and tons of laughs!!

  4. I think a dream girls weekend would include a nice pool, spa, food and wine!

  5. My perfect girls vacation would have to be with my bestie Alli travelling overseas exploring the cities and drinking and dancing the night away 😀

  6. My dream girls staycation would be in Orlando, FLorida

  7. My dream staycation with my girls would be in Orlando, Florida!!! oh the fun !

  8. I followed yours and Natalie's insta stories and you girls looked like you were having so much fun. My dream girls staycation would involve very similar things: laughing, dancing, lounging and eating. Except, I've done the hotel thing with my girls before and I'd love to switch it up a little. There are 3 vintage trailers at a beach campground about 45 mins away from me. I think it would be so fun to do a little glamping girls weekend at the beach, complete with homemade margs and roasting smores by the fire.

  9. I have two kids, so vacations aren't something you're able to do as much as you'd like to, as much as you love your kids, it's always nice to take time for yourself, cause you deserve it. My dream staycation would be In Cancun, MX! Girlfriends, the clear beach, food, drinks, can never go wrong with that! <3

  10. I think a girls trip to Nashville would be amazing!


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!