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November 18, 2016

This is 30: Deodorant Edition

It seems like ever since I turned 30 the phrase "this is 30" has been coming out of my mouth to explain all sorts of things. With 30 comes an amazing feeling of self-confidence ie: who cares if I go to dinner without makeup on. Ironically, the mirror has also become a magnifying glass ie: hello wrinkle, nice to see you. #thisis30 

One recent "this is 30" moment has been on the deodorant front. Bear with me, we're going to get a little personal here. For a few months now I've been feeling like my deodorant wasn't doing it's thing. I chatted with friends about it, decided I needed to drink more water, contemplated giving up coffee (yeah, right!), and realized polyester shirts and I are not friends. With those few changes, more water and less polyester, I noticed a very little change in my end of day odor. Blah! And don't get me started on the post shave itchiness! 

I've been around the block a few times with switching out deodorants (I'm 30 after all) and have tried my fair share of moisturizing - extra strength - lasts all day ones plus, I've even tried men's deodorant. Just going to throw it out there that I think men's formulas are AMAZING at odor control but the only problem is they're not moisturizing.  How hard is it to give a girl the two things that she wants!

Enter Doves Dry Spray Antiperspirant. Full disclosure, I was asked to try it out for this sponsored post and given my current frustrations with my existing deodorant I figured what could I lose?! This stuff is bomb dot com! I've been using it for a little more than a week and am so freakin' happy it came in to my life. It lasts for 48 hours, so at the end of the day odor is no longer there, there's no post shave itchiness due to the moisturizing formula, and even more amazing is that there's no residue. It literally applies totally dry! The Dove deodorant gods heard my "this is 30" prayers.

dove dry spray, workout
{dove dry spray}

As part of our Dove collaboration we did a super fun workout class with JJ Dancer earlier this week. Did you catch it on snap and IG stories? It was SO hard. Sydne, Ashley, and I were DYING and literally sweating our butts off. The perk? No wet underarms and we all smelled amazing! 

workout, fitness outfit, dove dry spray

This is literally one of my favorite beauty/body finds in a really long time you guys! Also, how do you feel about a "this is 30" series? I think I'm loving it. Stay tuned...

This post is sponsored by Dove via Simply Inc. Per the usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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