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December 27, 2016


"I love washing my hair" - said no girl ever. The most comical thing I've experienced recently is explaining to Andy why I don't really look forward to showers. For a guy whose favorite thing in the world is a long shower with hot water flowing though his hair and over his face, he just can't grasp why showers are on the "do I have to?!" list for me. "Must be nice" is what I always say to him. As a guy you can just get out of the shower, towel dry, and tah-dah. For us gals, there's blow drying, curling, straightening, lotions and potions... ALL.THE.THINGS. It's safe to say dry shampoo is a game changer and if you're not doing it already, #skipawash! Especially during the holiday season, ain't nobody got time to wash their hair everyday, but we all deserve to have a fresh 'do for all the parties and events. 

dove dry shampoo, how to use dry shampoo
dove dry shampoo, how to use dry shampoo

People always ask me how I style my hair and the secret is skipping a wash and using Dove's dry shampoo! Since I started coloring my hair I've tried to stretch out the days between washes to give my hair a break from heat plus I really love how third day dry shampoo hair styles. If you do it right,  day three hair is better than day one. 

My typical regimen:

Day 1: wash hair, blow dry, and curl

Day 2: add a little texturizer to give some oomph

Day 3:
- shower with shower cap
- put front of hair in little poof a la snooky while I do my makeup (this gives the front some volume)
- after makeup, use Dove's Dry shampoo at front root and on the sides; typically I part my hair to a deep side part and spray, spray the center part, then do the other side part
- brush through
- use curling wand to refine any pieces that need some love

dove dry shampoo, how to use dry shampoo
dove dry shampoo, how to use dry shampoo
dove dry shampoo, how to use dry shampoo
dove dry shampoo, how to use dry shampoo

Because I have an ombre effect happening with my hair, it's SO obvious when my roots get dirty because my brown gets even darker and I have this weird dark brown helmet thing going on; that's when I know it's time to reach for the dry shampoo! I can literally see the oils being lifted out of my hair because my "clean" hair color is restored. The great benefit of Dove's Dry shampoo is that it smells great and clean without being too perfume-y. Sometimes I trick Andy into thinking I actually washed my hair when I'm totally on day four without washing. #winning

dove dry shampoo, how to use dry shampoo
{see this full look}

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  1. I just started using dry shampoo a year ago, total game changer.

    You did a snap once regarding a blog post about how you got started as a freelancer. I'd love for you to share that post sometime!

  2. Nice post and photos!


  3. Didn't know Dove had a dry shampoo! Very cool. I am so with you about the not wanting to do the whole hair process from scratch. I really would love to know what it is like to be a guy for a day... Oh all the time I would save haha! Thanks for sharing your tip! XO, Ellese



Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!