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January 11, 2017

A Capsule Weekend Wardrobe

Raise you're hand if you feel like you never have anything to wear and hate everything in your closet... (me every other day). When I start to feel like this I try to fall back on the basics, sometimes it's the simple things in life that tend to work out better than expected! Have you read this article on why successful entrepreneurs choose to wear the SAME thing all the time? Hey, if it works for Mark Zuckerberg maybe I should try it ;)

weekend basics, essentials, wardrobe, denim

No more wasting time, getting stressed out, and over thinking your outfit on a Friday night when you're supposed to be sipping on wine and having a dance party with your friends. The essentials will help you build a weekend uniform that is perfect for almost any occasion and take your mind off "OMG what am I going to wear." If you have these 5 items in your closet, I promise, your mind will officially be at ease. Don't forget, just a change of shoes gives the basics a whole new look, and if you like to accessorize throw on a scarf, extra jewelry or jacket to up the vibe.

weekend basics, essentials, wardrobe, denim

1. White Blouse or Cami: A white button down or blouse looks extremely put together with very little effort. It can be chic, sophisticated or sexy - this is a no brainer!

2. Black Jeans: Throw a sweatshirt on or a fancy top, black jeans will automatically dress up your look. Oh, and they are slimming too.

3. Blue Denim Jacket: Layers are always a good idea. Throw over your shoulders and it spices up that simple, neutral look perfectly.

4. Grey Oversized Cardigan: Again, layers, layers, layers, especially this long cardigan, it's a step up from your pajamas, but just as comfy - I promise.

5. Black Cotton Midi Dress: Easy, Sexy, Simple. It's one item you have to throw on in the morning and you can go from day to night. Wear with flats and a denim jacket for day, then throw some heels on for an evening out. Best purchase ever.

Cheers to less outfit stress and more wine this weekend!


  1. seems like a good idea, I can totally see myself switching up the looks with accessories and a bright bold lipstick!

  2. Adore this look so much. So effortless but so chic at the same time.



  3. Very nice. Perfect for a casual weekend night.

  4. What about the shoes? Where are they from?

  5. What about the shoes?! Where are those from?

    1. You can find them here: http://www.pursuitofshoes.com/2016/11/capsule-wardrobe-jeans-tee-outfit-fall-uniform.html

      xo - Ashley


Thank you for your lovely comments... Keep pursuing shoes!