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January 31, 2017

Valentine's Day Doesn't Have to be Cheesy

Roses are red, violets are...

cheesy AF. Valentine’s day might be a tad overrated but don’t underestimate a reason to celebrate love or an excuse to dress up and have a cocktail with your best girlfriends! Whether you’re celebrating with the same significant other, have a new partner or are dancin’ the night away with your #singleladies try to switch things up and go outside of the box. I promise you won’t regret participating!

non-cheesy valentine's day ideas, vday gifts

With your significant other: 

Step 1 - Make your favorite meal together 

Step 2 - Exchange a meaningful gift 

Step 3 - End the night with a movie you both enjoy 

Each year I give Andy a "handmade" gift. Do you remember those viewfinders you had when you were little? You could insert the wheel to be pictures of Disney Characters, Cartoons, Princesses and be entertained for hours? Well, I found a site that allows you to create custom wheels and insert photos of from some of our favorite memories. You buy the wheel once then every year create a new "reel." It is such a fun and unique idea and a great way to capture the past year of love. 

Another fun idea would be to play hookie with your partner for the day. Go to all your favorite spots; restaurants, bars, clothing stores the movies. It's a thrill to both take off work and do something you don't normally get to do! If you can getaway for a night, then a cool Airbnb is another great option. 

With your friends:

Now, if you're someone who hates Valentine's Day because you haven't found that special someone yet, don't even worry about it! Get together with all of your single ladies and host a themed party while exchanging "secret vday" gifts. An excuse to drink wine in the middle of the week? I'm in! You could also spend the day treating yourself: go to the spa, get your nails done, hair done and buy something special you've been wanting to splurge on! 

Some of my fave Valentine's Day outfits: Red Hot Valentine's Day,  Classy Black + Lace, and Date Night BF jeans. 

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