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February 26, 2017

#thisis30: Being in Your 30s is F'in Awesome

Last month as I was gearing up to turn the big 31 my plan was to write a post along the lines of "10 things I learned between 30 and 31." How basic, right? Instead I decided to ask YOU about things you've learned since turning 30 and overall feelings about being in your 30s. Holy moly you guys blew me away. Over 100 people on Instagram and Facebook responded with not just one line answers but PARAGRAPHS. After reading your responses I turned to Andy and said "this is what it's about... really connecting!" I had ALL the feels.  And the takeaway from all of your notes: being 30+ is f'in amazing! 

Us 30 somethings:

- are more confident and independent than ever

- have learned that saying no is OK and necessary for our sanity

- realize sleep is important

- don't waste time with relationships that are not adding value to our lives

- want to do things and ARE DOING things we're passionate about, even if that means changing careers, cutting paychecks, or taking a crazy leaps of faith

- understand that time is precious; ain't nobody got time for bullshit

- realize we've made it this far even though we had no idea what we were doing, and you know what? We've turned out okay!

- treat ourselves to nice dinners, new shoes, and dessert because we work hard

- embrace the phrase "you do you"

{some of my faves from your responses - see more on my IG stories}

And ironically with all this new found confidence and self love, we all commiserate on how hard adulting can be. I saw a meme the other day of a girl ugly crying with the copy: me trying to excel in my career, maintain a social life, drink enough water, exercise, text everyone back, stay sane, survive,  and be happy. To which I would add: respond to emails and give enough attention to my significant other. Am I right? Not to mention stay strong against the pressures of engagement season and babies. Oh, and realizing you need to somehow win the lottery to buy a house! 
I feel like we'll always be in a state of  "what the heck am I doing" but what makes me feel at ease and so fulfilled is that we are doing it TOGETHER. 30 has brought out honest conversations and vulnerability, women supporting women, and creating a tribe of trusted people around us that we can lean on no matter what life throws our way. For me this is what the evolution of pursuit of shoes to everyday pursuits is and I couldn't be happier to be on this journey. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to join in on this conversation with me, to be vulnerable, to be real. 

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  1. Thank you for this post Ashley, so relatable and I now feel even more proud to be part of the 30 tribe and living my best life! Thank you for featuring me on your Instagram stories, it was great to be able to relate with so many other women! Laura xx


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