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March 14, 2017

The Best Thing I've Done This Year: Joined a Goal Group!

I was going to save this for a future freelance post but whether you're freelance or working a 9 to 5, it's safe to say that being motivated and holding yourself accountable can be difficult (in work and life!)
Enter: a goal group!

At the start of this year a few of my boss babes and I decided to start a goal group to motivate each other, provide support, and keep each other accountable for our small and large annual goals. And honestly, it's the best thing I've done this year.

How you set-up your goal group, define the processes and the overall workings are totally up to you, but here's how my gals and I have done it in case you need a framework:

how to be motivated, how to stay accountable

Contrary to this picture, our goal group lives primarily on the interwebs because one of our members lives in San Francisco. We ARE doing a bi-annual #bossbabesgetaway in a few weeks though - eek!!

Our group consists of: 

Emily McDonald, founder of The Stylist LA 
Jen Robin, founder of Life in Jeneral 
Suzie Moldavon, celebrity makeup artist and founder of FlyBrow
Baily Hancock, founder of the Career Experiment 
Valorie Darling, founder of Valorie Darling Photography

The group came about because the 6 of us entrepreneurs were always in random text message chains, fwrding articles to each other, having 11pm "I'm losing my mind" gchats, and bonding over being small business owners. At the beginning of the year Emily suggested we start a goal group to help keep each other accountable and motivated and it was the best idea ever! 

 Quickly after her idea came to fruition I stumbled on the MiGoals Goal Diary (get 15% off with pursuitofshoes15) which really helps break down large, sometimes daunting goals into smaller, more attainable tasks. Every gal in the group bought one and we started plotting our goals for the year! 

Our goal group basically lives on an e-mail chain and a group text. Every week each of us sends around the following via e-mail: 

Progress from last week's goals

Weekly Wins


Next week's goals

How you can help

We use the text chain for motivational check-ins throughout the week, to send funny memes or educational articles, and commiserate on the highs and lows of the week! And you know what? It has been a huge part in pushing me every week to make sh*t happen. It's amazing how putting something from "pen to paper" aka in an e-mail to your very motivated peers - can make you just want to kick butt and take names. No one wants to update last week's goals with "Just didn't happen. Couldn't do it!" On top of that, it's a safe place to ask for advice, help get feedback on projects and ideas (yup, all these girls helped me pick @everydaypursuits), and have an overall support group of gals going through the same things you are!

Btw, these are few of my favorite books/ journals for inspiration, motivation, and entrepreneurship:


  1. love this post almost as much as i love you. I'm inspired by you, how you know ALL THE THINGS about everything, and I've learned so much from you. Counting the days till we retreat... gahhhh!

  2. Love this! I'm totally going to run this idea by my group of girlfriends to see if they'd be interested in doing something similar. What a great way to reach for success and help motivate each other! Thanks for sharing.


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