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September 28, 2016

Slide, Slide, Slippity Slide

Take a moment. Let's pretend it's not 90 degrees outside. Imagine putting together a fall uniform that makes you feel all sorts of awesome, and secretly, it's just a few basics you've pulled together from your closet. (shhh! it's almost too easy!) Mine looks a lot like this:

how to wear slides mules, styling leopard shoes, j brand denim, ysl blogger bag

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As much as I love summer (I really love it!), there's something about fall that helps me get all my fashion ducks in a row. It sounds silly, but my fall uniform for years has been some combination of black, white, olive, and leopard. Coming back to that comfortable spot while infusing new trends is what I love about this time of year. This season I'm ALL about slides/mules which instantly add an updated feel to a go-to jeans and blouse look. 

how to wear slides mules, styling leopard shoes, j brand denim, ysl blogger bag
how to wear slides mules, styling leopard shoes, j brand denim, ysl blogger bag
how to wear slides mules, styling leopard shoes, j brand denim, ysl blogger bag
how to wear slides mules, styling leopard shoes, j brand denim, ysl blogger bag
how to wear slides mules, styling leopard shoes, j brand denim, ysl blogger bag

Secret: this belt is actually a double waist belt (see here in previous post ) which I put on the largest hole and rotated to the side to make look like a single hip belt! #winning 

Another secret? This outfit is literally just black jeans and a white blouse, nothing crazy. For some reason adding the slides brings SO much newness, right? These are only one pair of Jenni Kayne slides that I'm obsessed with right now - can we talk about these black leather beauties? Btw, I'm working with Jenni Kayne to share some of my fall favorites and she so graciously is giving pursuit readers 20% off her site!! Use code: POSJK20 and shop here. I die over all her shoes, btw.

Will be sharing some other must-have slides soon. In the meantime, happy fall uniform dreaming! 

{pursuing a fall uniform}

September 21, 2016

One True Calling? Nah!

I'm coming off my vacation high and this sh*t is tough. When I booked my trip I thought "oh, I'm going to come back refreshed and reinvigorated and ready to hit the ground running for the rest of the year." Instead I'm feeling frustrated and confused and keep asking myself the question: what's next!? Yesterday I watched this Ted Talk and it hit me: I'm a multipotentialite. In a nutshell the talk touches on how many of us don't have one true calling. We love to immerse ourselves in new challenges, hobbies, etc. and typically become very good at them until we get bored and want to try something new. Living a true multi-potential life also causes a lot of anxiety because it's not the norm and as multipotentialites we are constantly bombarded with q's like:

What's your major?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
What's your career path?
What do you LOVE to do?

All of these are singular! Multipotentialites are so much more than one focused "major." If you at all feel like this, I definitely suggest watching the Ted Talk. Once you watch you'll understand when I say I'm at the two year mark... almost to the day! Anywho, as I figure out my life, I wanted to share that gem of a Ted talk in case it could help bring some clarity to your life.

sperlonga Italy, what to wear on vacation, italian vacation outfit, lulus wrap dress

Back to our regularly scheduled programming! In packing for my 15 day trip I opted for easy breezy dresses like this Billabong dress from Lulus  and wide-brimmed hats like Janessa Leone oneSperlonga was REALLY warm and humid.... oh and btw, they don't do AC in Italy like we do in the States. To say I was sweaty 90% off the time is an understatement. This dress is super lightweight and rolls up tiny tiny which is perfect for travel!

sperlonga Italy, what to wear on vacation, italian vacation outfit, lulus wrap dress
sperlonga Italy, what to wear on vacation, italian vacation outfit, lulus wrap dress
sperlonga Italy, what to wear on vacation, italian vacation outfit, lulus wrap dress
sperlonga Italy, what to wear on vacation, italian vacation outfit, lulus wrap dress
{billabong dress from Lulus  // janessa leone hat // dolce vita sandals}

Oh man am I missing my days spent in this pretty little town. I'll be sharing my thoughts on Sperlonga soon; it's magical! Currently en route to NY for a black tie wedding and can't wait to get all dressed up! Andy bought a gorgeous new tux... eek, I'm excited.

If you're looking for my travel posts, make sure to check out some of my recent tips:

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September 18, 2016

Tips for booking Airbnb Abroad

What was life like before Airbnb? Where did we throw birthday parties, staycation, or have big group slumber parties? What a time to be alive!

 I've been Airbnb'ing since 2015 and have always had the best experiences (knock on wood!), however, when it came time to plan my Europe trip, the thought of staying in a strangers home in a different country seemed a little daunting. Happy to say everything worked out perfectly and I found two awesome spots that I would recommend to anyone traveling in Italy! Below are a few tips for booking Airbnb abroad plus the two listings for my Italy stays: 

{Sperlonga, Italy}

1. location, location, location: check proximity to restaurants and public transportation. A listing may seem awesome and in the general area you'd like to stay, but it could be very far from any type of transportation or food. Ubers are not nearly as prevalent in Europe, so don't depend on the option to just "call an uber." 

2. size matters: many Airbnbs in Europe are HUGE! And by huge I mean sleep 6+ people. This is great for big groups but not so awesome if you're traveling alone. I don't know about you, but it freaks me out when there are multiple dark empty rooms in a house! Read the fine print on total people the Airbnb can accommodate. On the flip side, if you are traveling with a big group, definitely look at the sleeping arrangements. Many Airbnb's seem like they sleep 6+ but 4 of those might be on couches - if that's your jam, great. If it's not, make note! 

3. female hosts: it may seem sexist but I specifically sought out female hosts. As a female traveling alone, I wasn't about to put myself in a situation where a male knew I was by myself for a significant period of time. 

4. read reviews: obvi! 

5. whatsapp: this is one of my 5 must-have apps for traveling abroad! Before I left LA I made sure to get whatsapp info for both Airbnb hosts to ensure we could communicate when I got to Italy. 

{Sperlonga, Italy - view from my Airbnb}

My Airbnb in Sperlonga was the cutest little thing and the view was, well, take a look for yourself! The listing says it sleeps 4 but I would say it works for one couple or a couple with a small child. It's located in the old town which is built up in cliffs and involves a lot of steep stairs/walking. Like most buildings in Europe, it's old which gives it character. If you're looking for a well AC'd, insulated spot... this isn't it. It steps away from boutiques, restaurants, and the beach; perfect for anyone that wants to immerse themselves in the city and explore! More on Sperlonga soon.

My Airbnb in Trastevere (Rome) was perfect for a few nights in Rome. The location is amazing - walking distance to tons of awesome bars and restaurants in Trastevere and just across the Tiber River from the Colosseum. It's great spot for one or two couples spending a few nights in the city - any longer and it might start to feel small. Free wifi and AC was a huge plus, but one thing that's not listed is that the apartment is 5 stories up (steep stairs!) which is challenging with luggage! 

{Trastevere, Italy - view from my Airbnb}

I hope you guys are liking my travel posts! While I was away I decided I really want to bring some more substance and helpful posts to the blog other than just pretty outfit pics. 

September 16, 2016

Face Faves: My Can't Live Without Skin Products

It's been awhile since I shared my skin faves on the blog...  like more than 2 years (literally)! Back in April I talked beauty routines with Glitter Guide which included a roundup of skin and makeup products, but today it's all about my day and night skincare.

For starters, I have acne-prone, oily skin. In high school and college I battled pretty bad acne but as I've gotten older and tried ALL. THE. THINGS., I feel like I finally have a handle on what makes my skin flare up and what to do to combat it. These things are not my friends: alcohol, fatty/glutenous foods, travel, and going to bed without makeup on!

best face products for oily skin, best kiehls, best clinique products, avon
{clinique moisturizing gel // clinique liquid face soap // clinique 'take time off' balm // kiehls 'midnight recovery' concentrate // kiehls midnight recovery eye // kiehls powerful strength line reducing concentrate for face + eyes // mario badescu drying lotion // SK-II facial treatment essence // clearasil ultra face pads // garnier miscellar water // avon clinical advanced re-texturizing pads}

Keep in mind that my go-to routine is when I'm being really good. I've been known to fall asleep on the couch (for the whole night) after a few glasses of wine which means I don't wash my face... not a good look guys, not a good look. 90% of the routine I went through on Glitter Guide, so I'm just going to highlight a few product faves below:

I'm a big Clinique and Kiehls girl. I fell in love with Clinique after a really great in-store experience with the Clinique team. Their products are really gentle and very customizable for specific skin types. ie: I use the moisturizing gel instead of the lotion since my skin is oily. I also swear by the 'take time off' balm which is a genius way to remove makeup; it's basically like putting lip balm all over your dry face and then washing it off. Sounds silly but it works and it's way less harsh on the skin compared to other makeup removers. Most makeup removers dry out the skin which in turn lead to over-production of oils to compensate - not a good look for us already oily girls.

When it comes to Kiehls, I pretty much want ALL THE THINGS. Every anti-aging product they have works miracles especially the midnight recovery and line reducing concentrates; I've gotten a handful of my girlfriends hooked on them. I usually switch between these two every other night.

{shop each by clicking on the pic}
When I was in Croatia one of my friends walked into the bathroom and said "who uses Clearasil Face Pads?" I immediately said "me, and I love that sh*t!" It may be a product that one typically associates with teenagers but it has been a life saver for me. I use them a few times a week especially after heavy makeup or workout days because they keep breakouts at bay. When it's that time of the month or I'm having a really stressful week, sometimes a sucker makes it's way to my face and that's when I turn to Mario Badescu drying lotion + buffering lotion. I use the buffering lotion when I feel a zit coming on and it typically clears it. If for some reason a stubborn breakout that makes it's way to the surface, the drying lotion is the JAM! It's not clear, so you have to wear it at night or when you're home during the day; it basically dries out the zit in 8 hours!

best face products for oily skin, best kiehls, best clinique products, avon

One new product in the arsenal is Garnier's micellar water. It's basically this magical water that acts like a makeup remover and face wash in one. Yup and it's $6.99. Micellar water has been popular in Europe FOREVS and it finally made it's way to the states. I like to use it with a q-tip to take eye makeup off before bedtime but it's also awesome for makeup touch ups at night!

Btw, I'm always sharing my fave new products on snapchat! Give a girl follow: pursuitofshoes.

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September 14, 2016

5 Essential Apps for Traveling Abroad

En route back to Los Angeles and it's safe to say the struggle is REAL. Beyond real. The thought of going back to reality is daunting AF... 3K e-mails and counting. This trip was eye opening and inspiring in so many different ways, especially because I conquered 6 days of it by myself! A more personal post on that coming soon, but in the meantime here are the 5 apps I couldn't live without over the past 14 days (plus 3 bonus ones):

Hvar Croatia Sunset, Croatia Harbor, Where to travel in Croatia
{Hvar, Croatia}

- Top 5 Travel Apps -

TripIt: Organizes all your travel plans in one place. This app is truly a lifesaver. As I was finalizing all my flights, train schedules, different hotels, and airbnbs, I had a minor freak out about how I was going to keep everything organized. Mentally putting everything in a timeline sounded daunting, especially with the time changes, plus having 14 days worth of tickets and confirmation numbers all in one place seemed nearly impossible. After some googling I landed on Tripit and all I can say is: best. decision. ever. After creating an account, all I had to do was fwrd all my confirmation emails to a special TripIt e-mail and the app did the work for me. It aggregates everything into a seamless timeline and stores all the information for each reservation including confirmation number, a map of the location,  contact information, flight number, etc. Additionally, I was able to share my itinerary with people which was an amazing way to make sure family and friends knew all the deets!

Google Photos: This is an app that you need ALL the time, not just for traveling. Gone are the days of hitting your iCloud/iPhone storage limits because you can just automatically back everything up to google photos and call it a day. It syncs automatically on wifi and is accessible from any device and desktop. Additionally, it creates fun animations and photo albums. The BIGGEST reason to have this app on vacay it to back up photos in case something were to happen to your phone (ie: my phone shattered half way through my trip). I made sure to sync my photos every night when I went to bed, so when my phone went to iPhone heaven, there was nothing to freak out about.

WhatsApp: Allows you to call/ text anyone who is on the app. This is great for communicating with Airbnb hosts and people who aren't on iMessage (ie: new travel friends).  Note that you still need to be on wifi to use. If you are on regular data you will use data just like any normal call or sms.

Google Maps: The key to Google Maps is the OFFLINE portion. Before we got to every city, I downloaded that city offline. This allowed me to walk around all day google mapping directions without having to depend on free wifi/using data. I mentioned via Snapchat that I also think this is a key app for traveling by yourself. Instead of holding a physical map which screams TOURIST, I had it on my phone which means I could've easily been looking at Instagram or another app.

Google Translate: Translates text, images, and voice. Like Google Maps, I downloaded Italian offline so that I could reference it whenever I needed to. Definitely a lifesaver for those times when you just need to figure out small phrases when interacting with people or what a sign actually means!

Best Apps for Travel, Tripit App, Google Maps,Traveling Abroad

- 3 Bonus Apps -

Spotify: I'm lost without my tunes which is why I always download a few Spotify playlists offline for instances when I can't use data/connect on wifi. It's helpful for flights, long car rides, or just getting ready for a fun night out.

Canon Camera Connect: This is the app that connects to Canon cameras and allows remote shooting / phone uploads. I did a whole post on how to take photos remotely which is super helpful for traveling solo!

iBooks: I think almost every apple device has this app, but I made sure to download all the books I wanted to read before leaving on my trip. 

Visiting Trevi Fountain, Travel Apps for Italy
{Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy}

Hope these help for your next adventure!