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August 28, 2015

Get Excited: Fall Boots are Coming!

As we hit the last weekend in August (OMG!) I can't help but get excited for fall boots. Let's be real, fall shoes are the best thing about the season.... oh yeah and changing leaves, pumpkin lattes, and layers.

Picked up my first pair of fall beauties recently from JustFab as well as a few pieces to add to my olive/black capsule wardrobe. Scroll down to see more boots I have my eye on for fall!

fall boots, justfab boots, how to shop at justfab, pursuit of shoes
olive vest, justfab boots, how to shop at justfab, pursuit of shoes
fall boots, justfab boots, how to shop at justfab, pursuit of shoes
super sunnies, justfab boots, how to shop at justfab, pursuit of shoes
fall boots, justfab boots, how to shop at justfab, pursuit of shoes
{justfab dress - similar here // justfab vest // justfab boots // super sunnies}

This season I'm loving boots with ALL types of heels: block, stiletto, chunky; it's really the most diverse fall season we've seen in awhile.  Just bought these  from Sole Society, too. I honestly think we're in this transitional phase back to 70s + 90s fashion trends. Shoe closets be warned: we're going to see tons of thick heels taking over within the next few seasons.

Hope you have some fun weekend plans!! I'm headed to the Hicksville Trailer palace tomorrow - what even is it? No clue, but I'm so excited to find out. Follow the adventures on snapchat (pursuitofshoes) and Instagram

{pursuing fall boots}

August 26, 2015

End of Season Swim Shopping

As you know, I've become quite the swimsuit connoisseur - I love 'em!  Now that we're nearing the end of the season it's time to play the "what should I buy on sale that I'll actually wear again next year" game. Don't fret because I'm here to help you out. Last week I went to the 2016 swim show and  let's just say that next year is all about halter tops, little black bikinis (lbbs), and a continued obsession with one pieces.

That being said, here are my picks from the end of season swim sales; they're styles that you'll love now and next summer. #promise

Two swim mottos I live by: 1) always buy Mara Hoffman when she's on sale 2) stripes and polka dots NEVER go out of style!  

August 25, 2015

#TargetStyle: Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall Beauty

This post is sponsored by Target.

Let’s all have a group YAY! for Labor Day and then take a moment of silence that summer is almost over. Can you even believe it? As I mentioned last week, I’m sort of pretending it’s not happening. Yes, I live in LA which is perpetual summer weather but we can all agree that “summer” is a state of mind.

The two things I am excited for are fall fashion and beauty. New season means new trends and time to reinvent your look. I’m continuing my beauty partnership with Target and looking at easy ways to take your beauty routine from summer to fall with Pixi

My definition of summer beauty is getting “the glow” - it’s part sunkissed, part carefree, part barely there. 3 great products I’ve started mixing into my regular beauty routine are Pixi’s eyebright primer, glow mist, and mesmerizing mineral palette.

pixi makeup, glow mist, target beauty, pursuit of shoes

The eyebright primer is a great base for any eye makeup and really opens the eyes and gives that “I’ve been vacationing and am just so relaxed” look while the glow mist does just that... glows! I’ve been using the lighter colors in the mineral palette to add definition to the lids without looking too overdone. The best part about the palette is that it has darker purples which are perfect for fall. 

When it comes to fall beauty my motto is: just a little more color. I rarely dable in crazy lipstick colors (although I sort of want to try #imsacred), so a tinted lip balm or gloss is my go-to. With my brown eyes and dark features, purples and plums are my eye-colors of choice.

For a transitional Fall look I did my regular 5 minute makeup routine then dove into the deeper purples of the mesmerizing mineral palette, defined with Pixi’s silky eye pen in deep plum, and added a touch of color to the lip. I’m gaga over the silky eye pen because it glides on easily and stays put. Can I get an amen?

pixi makeup, target beauty, purple eyeliner, ashley pursuit of shoes

Goodbye summer, hello fall! For lips I mixed the radiant rose + nearly naked colors to get a pretty nude pink. Get all the deets on this hat romper combo here - currently obsessed with this pairing.

{pursuing pixi's summer to fall beauty}

August 21, 2015

Friday Date Night Outfit Made Easy

It's Friday and you're so exhausted from the week that the thought of getting dressed-up for the evening sounds like a pain. I feel ya. Honestly, most Friday nights I'm at home on the couch.  #relationshipgoals or just the fact that I've been in a relationship for almost 3 years?! Haha.

Lately, I've started to streamline my closet to make those outfit decisions a lot easier. For everyone this process is a bit different - certain styles or designers, only classic pieces, etc. - I've opted to go for the color palette route. A combo of white, black, and olive is the sweet spot as noted here, here, and here and by building my wardrobe around these colors no matter how trendy a piece, it makes it easy to mix and match and create something I feel comfortable + fab wearing.

how to wear long vest, olive duster, see through skirt outfit, pursuit of shoes
see through skirt outfit, easy date night outfit
how to wear long vest, olive duster, see through skirt outfit, pursuit of shoes
how to wear long vest, pursuit of shoes, chloe bag
how to wear long vest, olive duster, see through skirt outfit, pursuit of shoes
pursuit of shoes, fall fashion for date night
{wayf skirt // zara vest - similar here // chloe 'drew' bag // justfab heels - I like these too! }

This olive duster is going to be making many appearnces on the blog - I'm obsessed. If there is one piece you need this fall (besides these shoes) it's a long olive trench, duster, vest... whatever you want to call it. It makes for the perfect "3rd piece" which is the secret to creating any put together look.

Happy weekend! Hope you have some fun plans tonight (and wear a killer outfit!).

{pursuing the perfect olive duster}

August 20, 2015

Summer Beachin'

Did anyone else get hit with this summer cold that's going around? The worst, especially when travelingn! I've been battling this thing for over a week and so over it.

In more exciting news let's talk about clothes that can double as pajamas aka the best thing ever. I picked up this shirt dress a few weeks back as part of my continuing JustFab collab and let's just say I may or may not have worn it to bed and then out the next day. #sorrynotsorry This is a no judgement zone, people!

summer beach outfit, how to wear shirt dress, justfab shoes, pursuit of shoes
what to wear summer beach outfit, stripped shirt dress, justfab shoes, lace up sandals
what to wear summer beach outfit, stripped dress, sole society sunglasses, pursuit of shoes
{justfab shirt dress // justfab sandals // justfab tote // theoutnet panama hat - similar at jcrew}
photos: Taylor Cole

I kind of like the idea of having a summer dress that can double as pj's in the fall! Another item that has been on heavy rotation are these sandals as noted here and here. They're under $50 and SUPER comfy. No joke, I wore them for a full day of walking in Chicago and was perfectly comfortable even though it was so freakin' humid and sweaty!

There's a lot of great shirt dresses out there (see my other pics below), many of which are on sale because we're nearing the end of summer. Can you believe September is here in two weeks? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I'm pretty much in denial except that I'm kind of excited for fall fashion.

Hope you're having a great week. Let's soak up the last few weeks of summer! 

{pursuing summer shirtdress looks}