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March 27, 2017

March Shoe Lust

Happy Monday! I'm currently playing in the gorgeous sand in Playa Del Carmen with some blogger friends and it's absolutely amazing. Tropical locations truly are my happy place! There's something about the smell of sunscreen, sound of the waves, and feeling of humidity that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Anyone else?

I'm sharing all of the shoes I'm currently lusting over; ironically, they are all fit for a warm weather getaway. Btw, I will be sharing my fave shoes every month from now on because you know I'm always pursuing!

We already know my obsession with mules, so of course I had to throw a few in there but I am also loving everything "slide-on" - easy and breezy. The Soludos espadrilles are absolutely adorable and perfect for any tropical vacay. They come in all different patterns too...win! Oh-em-gee I also stumbled upon these Loft sandals last week and fell in love. One of my photographers was telling me about them and she goes "I think you might like them" - I'm not one to be much of a Loft shopper but LOOK AT THESE. They have Loeffler Randall vibes (which are my fave) and also come in a heeled version. Pretty sure they're 40% off right now, so yeah, I bought both styles!

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March 26, 2017

We Are Strong Because We are Together

When Fame + Partners reached out to see how we could collaborate on the launch of their new spring collection they had one request: focus on women's empowerment. They didn't have to ask me twice!

Over the past 6 months I've found blogging about JUST fashion and beauty a bit challenging. The political climate and turning 31 had me craving more... hence the decision for Everyday Pursuits, new posts about entrepreneurship, relationship talk, and all around REALness. As an "influencer" my goal is not just about sharing the latest shoe trends and beauty finds, but to inspire and use my voice for good.

I'm not going to go into detail about my political beliefs (that's what snapchat is for!) but something I believe we can all rally around is women helping women! I spent Friday passing out new shoes at the Downtown Women's Center (more on that soon) and all I can say is WOW. Volunteering on the ground level is an experience that is really indescribable; it truly puts everything in perspective.

Fame + Partners is supporting women by donating $5 from every sale towards nurturing independence and empowerment in women all over the world. Read more about their amazing program here. After a little brainstorming, I decided to get a few of my fave boss babes together for a beautiful shoot. We as women can be both glamorous AND stand up for our beliefs and equality:

womens march, fame and partners, gowns, glam and gowns
womens march, fame and partners, gowns, glam and gowns
womens march, fame and partners, gowns, glam and gowns
womens march, fame and partners, gowns, glam and gowns
womens march, fame and partners, gowns, glam and gowns
womens march, fame and partners, gowns, glam and gowns
womens march, fame and partners, gowns, glam and gowns
womens march, fame and partners, gowns, glam and gowns

In the words of Fame + Partners: 

Let’s make fashion stand for something and change the world together.

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March 24, 2017

All Things Brows with Flybrow

Let's talk eyebrows. I know they've been a "thing" for awhile now, so if you're like me, you have been pursuing eyebrow perfection for some time.

Last fall I finally had makeup and brow guru Suzie Moldavon do my brows (wax and fill) and damn did they look good. The problem? I couldn't replicate them for the life of me. Mind you, I have barely any brows, so they need a lot of love every morning or in Andys words "you look... different" - but for some reason my concoction of brow pencil and powder was not cutting it. I found myself sending Suzie texts like "ugh, I can't make them look like you do... tell me your secrets."

What happened next? Suzie told me all her secrets on our Facebook Live video while doing my brows from wax to finish! (the second + best half, because our first part got cut off!

Make sure to watch through the entire video because Suzie told me the truth about growing out your brows, tips for shaping, how to combat oily skin that can lead to "brows" coming off midday, and the GOLDEN rule:

Borders, fill, spoolie!

No joke, that simple phrase has officially changed my life! Every morning I follow those easy steps and have to give myself a little pat on the back for killing it on my brows!

eyebrow tutorial, eyebrow how-to, anastasia eyebrows, flybrow, all things brows
eyebrow tutorial, eyebrow how-to, anastasia eyebrows, flybrow, all things brows
eyebrow tutorial, eyebrow how-to, anastasia eyebrows, flybrow, all things brows

I think I need to do more Facebook Live segments - that was fun! Don't forget to checkout Flybrow, Suzie's mobile brow service that will legit come to your work!

Oh and we're doing a Rubis tweezer giveaway on our IGs: @flybrow @everydaypursuits.

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March 22, 2017

That Freelance Life: Time Management + Self Discipline

Ironically I'm sitting down to write about today's freelance theme: time management and self discipline at 10pm.

I'm going to chalk it up to the fact that I'm leaving to Mexico on Saturday and therefore I'm trying to cram 2 weeks of work into a week, but the reality is... being your own boss and working freelance means you could potentially work ALL THE TIME aka office hours are 24/7. Hear me out:

how to work freelance, freelance tips and tricks, advice on working by yourself

When I first left REVOLVE I secured a client that I knew would take up to 20-30 hours of my week. I was excited about my new flexible schedule.... "oh now I can meet so and so for lunch" or "I'm so excited to finally RSVP yes to a 3pm blog event" or "10am pilates here I come!" Keep in mind I also had about 10- 15 hours of blog work that needed to get done every week which adds up to 40+ hrs worth of work a week. 

Here's what ended up happening: I spent wayyyy too much time in my car (hello, LA traffic) getting from said pilates to lunch to event, while having mild anxiety attacks that I wasn't at my computer working. Even when I started to cut back on all the extracurriculars and decided to spend chunks of the day working at coffee shops, I became a slave to coffee shop wifi, available outlets, or even a guaranteed seat. (Hands down, you can always count on Starbucks. Everyone else is questionable... don't get sucked into hip, instagrammable coffee shops!
I was working inefficiently and spending my weekends catching up just because I wanted to live this freelancer "I can work whenever I want to" vibe. 

The reality is: when you don't have a regular 9-5 office routine you have all the time in the world - how you use that time is what matters!

There's something to be said about creating a routine and schedule. After 2 yrs on my own and now 6 clients deep, I finally feel like I've figured out what works for me:

Slowly and slowly I've become an early riser. At 6:30am I'm awake! (6 before daylight savings hit) Doesn't mean I'm out of bed but I'm actively thinking about my day, to-do list, writing in my 5 minute journal, etc. If you follow me on snapchat (pursuitofshoes) you know I walk to Starbucks every morning. When I walk back in the house I instantly hit work mode; computer opens and the day starts. This happens every morning Monday through Friday like clockwork. 

Tuesday and Thursdays are my "at home days" - I don't make any middle of the day plans except maybe a workout. This is when my intern comes over and I schedule re-occurring calls. It keeps me sane knowing that there are two days in the week that I will have uninterrupted work time. M, W, F are a little more up in the air.

I don't have a hard stop in the evening but I try to be cognizant of working past 8 or 9pm too many nights in row. When YOU are your own business there is ALWAYS work to be done (that hustle tho). Yes I could work from 7am and 1am every day but I want to ENJOY my life and the people in it, so I make it a priority to put away my computer and do that!

It seems simple, but figuring out what works for you will probably take some time. Also, there are many challenges to working from home. I have a whole post dedicated to that next month! 

Are there days when I end up staying in bed until 9am because I can? Yes! Thursdays when it's beautiful out and Andy and I ditch out on work to go play on the beach? Of course! The joy in life, especially being freelance, is spontaneity! I'm not a robot and although I love to work, sometimes you have to treat yourself. 

Like I mentioned above: if I don't work, I don't make money. Keeping that in mind makes it VERY easy to stay disciplined because I know new YSL bags aren't just going to buy themselves - hah! And saving for grownup things like weddings, houses, and babies aren't magically going to happen. I will say that joining a goal group has been an invaluable step in keeping me accountable and having overall girl power support. Read that blog post if you haven't already!

Super excited that you guys are digging the new Freelance feature! Keep your questions coming in the comments, IG, Facebook, and e-mail. I'll try to address as many as I can throughout the next few posts.

March 21, 2017

Mexico Packing List

In t-minus 5 days I will be basking in the Mexican sun! Oh em gee I can't wait.
How is everyone's week going so far? I'm literally counting the days until I leave for Mexico but also trying to finish everything before I go so I can hopefully enjoy some time away from my computer and phone! Also it's been rainy and cloudy the last few days here in LA so I am SO ready for the sunshine. A few bloggers and I are headed to Playa Del Carmen and then I'm extending the trip the Tulum. Any Tulum recs? Send them my way!

My schedule is pretty much packed from now through summer - #blessed, so I am starting to gather summer essentials for all of my trips that are easy, interchangeable and chic...obviously! Do you have any spring or summer trips planned yet? Check out my Mexico packing list below:

{click the images to shop}

Embroidered styles are trending right now, even off the beach, so shopping them for vacay (and after) is a win! For the last year or so I've been attached at the shoulder (see what I did there?) to my YSL 'blogger' bag, so I just scooped up this see by chloe one to take on my adventures. It has a little more of a beachy vibe with the color and closure; I can already tell that it's going to go with everything over the next few months.

{shop the list}