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January 12, 2017

#thisis30: Engagement Season, GTFO!

When you're 30 and not engaged, "engagement season" seems to be more like groundhogs day... it's every season, all the time, everywhere. I close my eyes and just see a social feed of engagement rings, guys on one knee and strategic "candid" announcements.  I polled the snapchat and IG fam earlier this week and it seems like you gals are definitely feeling the pressure from engagement season too!

palm springs birthday party, engagement season, the amado palm springs
{snaps from my #pursuing30 bday}

Here's the thing, it's all a total mind f*ck. I personally had been feeling GREAT about my relationship until this holiday season at which point the following happened:

 So and so who've been dating for less than a year pop up on Facebook as "engaged" .... do you even KNOW that person? 

Then that couple who've been dating since high school ... thank god, it's about time

Then my brother's friend who I legit thought was STILL in high school.... don't do it, you're too young! 

At which point I told Andy: prep yourself for Christmas, the engagement questions are going to be coming hard and fast. And they did! We were cornered individually then bombarded together. How do you nicely tell your grandmother: LET. ME. LIVE?

palm springs birthday party, engagement season, the amado palm springs
{snaps from my #pursuing30 bday}

6 stages of not being engaged when everyone else and their mom is getting engaged:

1. Jealousy. Wait, I've been with my bf WAY longer than she has. Her ring is okay, but I want something totally different. (*starts pinning engagement rings*)

2.  Everyone get off my back! How long have you been together? Do you think you'll get engaged soon? Have you talked about it? What's your plan? How about everyone mind their own business? K. Thanks!

3. Reassessing ALL. THE. THINGS.  Does everyone else have a better relationships than I do? Maybe he's not my person? It's fine, it'll happen sooner or later. But, I like can't wait until later or I'm going to be 35. Then what if it doesn't happen and I have to start ALL over? 

4.  The awkward convo.  Not like you haven't had this conversation with him before but this time it's awkward AF because you're super emotional and worked up because you're having engagement FOMO.

5. Regret. Well, that was unproductive and now I just feel like a crazy person because we've already talked about a timeline and for some reason everyone else's timeline hijacked my heart and my brain. 

6. Over it! Engagement season, you're a total mind F*ck and I will not let you get into my head.

At the end of the day, only you and your boo know the timeline and what's right. Everything happens for a reason and I mean... #realtalk... Andy knows better than to propose to me in the winter time. 

January 11, 2017

A Capsule Weekend Wardrobe

Raise you're hand if you feel like you never have anything to wear and hate everything in your closet... (me every other day). When I start to feel like this I try to fall back on the basics, sometimes it's the simple things in life that tend to work out better than expected! Have you read this article on why successful entrepreneurs choose to wear the SAME thing all the time? Hey, if it works for Mark Zuckerberg maybe I should try it ;)

weekend basics, essentials, wardrobe, denim

No more wasting time, getting stressed out, and over thinking your outfit on a Friday night when you're supposed to be sipping on wine and having a dance party with your friends. The essentials will help you build a weekend uniform that is perfect for almost any occasion and take your mind off "OMG what am I going to wear." If you have these 5 items in your closet, I promise, your mind will officially be at ease. Don't forget, just a change of shoes gives the basics a whole new look, and if you like to accessorize throw on a scarf, extra jewelry or jacket to up the vibe.

weekend basics, essentials, wardrobe, denim

1. White Blouse or Cami: A white button down or blouse looks extremely put together with very little effort. It can be chic, sophisticated or sexy - this is a no brainer!

2. Black Jeans: Throw a sweatshirt on or a fancy top, black jeans will automatically dress up your look. Oh, and they are slimming too.

3. Blue Denim Jacket: Layers are always a good idea. Throw over your shoulders and it spices up that simple, neutral look perfectly.

4. Grey Oversized Cardigan: Again, layers, layers, layers, especially this long cardigan, it's a step up from your pajamas, but just as comfy - I promise.

5. Black Cotton Midi Dress: Easy, Sexy, Simple. It's one item you have to throw on in the morning and you can go from day to night. Wear with flats and a denim jacket for day, then throw some heels on for an evening out. Best purchase ever.

Cheers to less outfit stress and more wine this weekend!

January 5, 2017

Relationships: Balancing Work + Personal Life

To kick off the new year I want to share some insight on the constant struggle of balance. I’m sure this is an on-going roller coaster for everyone, not just me, right?! Especially when it comes to personal relationships. It seems like it should be a pretty easy task to accomplish: work during the day and shut off at night. Well, not when your career involves being your own boss and having to be on every social media platform that exists. Living in a saturated city like Los Angeles with a fast-paced lifestyle where no one ever stops or shuts off doesn’t help either.

Trust me, being a workaholic isn’t a bad thing, it means you love what you do! However, you don’t want to let your relationships suffer since they’re the people that keep you going everyday! So, how can we tackle this? How do you keep up with your career, spend time growing your relationships, and just relax? 

couples, balancing relationships, getaways

1. Getaway – Whether you book a hotel in your hometown or travel somewhere new, being with your loved one or girlfriends in a different environment allows you to clear your mind and have some fun! Andy and I recently did a staycation about 20 minutes from our apartment and it was just what the doctor ordered; simplicity, games, drinks and each other. 

2. Taking Digital Breaks – I can’t stress this enough, and I constantly need to remind myself how important this is since I am always on Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Every night set a time of at least an hour with your phone turned off or in another room so you won’t be tempted to grab it subconsciously (we all do it). Trust me, this little bit of time “away” will allow you to be present in whatever you’re doing and who you’re speaking to. Let’s be honest, all our boyfriends hate when they're trying to talk to us and half way through we ask if they like this filter on our photo. 
On top of that, don't forget to communicate. Case in point: I used to do all my photo editing and posting in the car with Andy while he drove to our destination. In my mind I was getting everything done and out of the way so we could enjoy each other and the experience at said destination. In his mind, working in the car was taking away from the overall experience of chatting, listening to music, and spending time together. Once we finally communicated this (believe me, it took awhile) it made a world of difference! 

3. Learn to say “NO” – It’s impossible to do everything. When you're being overworked or trying to do too much, you end up making careless mistakes, being exhausted and not enjoying the down time you do have with friends and family. Last fall Andy told me he felt like we were really vibing recently (I'm sorry, I wasn't aware we weren't vibing!) because I let go of a client that was taking up too much of my time and mental capacity. Once he said it, it hit me that I WAS always stressed and spaced out, never fully in the moment even when we were spending time together.

Most importantly, ask yourself each day are you happy and are you being honest with yourself and your relationships? Making time for the important ones is what makes life exciting! The Instagram filter can wait :)

how to balance work and personal life, couples, balancing relationships, getaways
Btw, I'm super excited to bring some more meaningful content to you guys this year about relationships, freelancing, and just overall adulting. Happy New Year!

December 27, 2016


"I love washing my hair" - said no girl ever. The most comical thing I've experienced recently is explaining to Andy why I don't really look forward to showers. For a guy whose favorite thing in the world is a long shower with hot water flowing though his hair and over his face, he just can't grasp why showers are on the "do I have to?!" list for me. "Must be nice" is what I always say to him. As a guy you can just get out of the shower, towel dry, and tah-dah. For us gals, there's blow drying, curling, straightening, lotions and potions... ALL.THE.THINGS. It's safe to say dry shampoo is a game changer and if you're not doing it already, #skipawash! Especially during the holiday season, ain't nobody got time to wash their hair everyday, but we all deserve to have a fresh 'do for all the parties and events. 

dove dry shampoo, how to use dry shampoo
dove dry shampoo, how to use dry shampoo

People always ask me how I style my hair and the secret is skipping a wash and using Dove's dry shampoo! Since I started coloring my hair I've tried to stretch out the days between washes to give my hair a break from heat plus I really love how third day dry shampoo hair styles. If you do it right,  day three hair is better than day one. 

My typical regimen:

Day 1: wash hair, blow dry, and curl

Day 2: add a little texturizer to give some oomph

Day 3:
- shower with shower cap
- put front of hair in little poof a la snooky while I do my makeup (this gives the front some volume)
- after makeup, use Dove's Dry shampoo at front root and on the sides; typically I part my hair to a deep side part and spray, spray the center part, then do the other side part
- brush through
- use curling wand to refine any pieces that need some love

dove dry shampoo, how to use dry shampoo
dove dry shampoo, how to use dry shampoo
dove dry shampoo, how to use dry shampoo
dove dry shampoo, how to use dry shampoo

Because I have an ombre effect happening with my hair, it's SO obvious when my roots get dirty because my brown gets even darker and I have this weird dark brown helmet thing going on; that's when I know it's time to reach for the dry shampoo! I can literally see the oils being lifted out of my hair because my "clean" hair color is restored. The great benefit of Dove's Dry shampoo is that it smells great and clean without being too perfume-y. Sometimes I trick Andy into thinking I actually washed my hair when I'm totally on day four without washing. #winning

dove dry shampoo, how to use dry shampoo
{see this full look}

sponsored by dove

December 26, 2016

Closet Essential: Boyfriend Blazer

Besides a denim jacket, my other fave layering piece is a boyfriend/oversized blazer. If you happen to be doing a new year's closet inventory like myself, this is one item you should def keep. Don't have one? Let's fix that asap!

Why so much love for the boyfriend blazer? It's a lazy dressers best secret. Literally throw a boyfriend blazer over anything and you've got a fail proof outfit. Remember this look from earlier in December? Black and white separates plus an oversized blazer equals instant ensemble. Swap out the black denim for blue denim and you have ANOTHER outfit. The options are endless, people! Sharing my newest look below plus 10 boyfriend blazers for any budget:

how to wear oversized blazer, blazer outfit, what do I need in my closet, oversized blazer and jeans

{10 oversized blazers}

how to wear oversized blazer, blazer outfit, what do I need in my closet, oversized blazer and jeans
how to wear oversized blazer, blazer outfit, what do I need in my closet, oversized blazer and jeans
how to wear oversized blazer, blazer outfit, what do I need in my closet, oversized blazer and jeans
how to wear oversized blazer, blazer outfit, what do I need in my closet, oversized blazer and jeans
how to wear oversized blazer, blazer outfit, what do I need in my closet, oversized blazer and jeans
how to wear oversized blazer, blazer outfit, what do I need in my closet, oversized blazer and jeans
how to wear oversized blazer, blazer outfit, what do I need in my closet, oversized blazer and jeans
{pursuing this look} 

I won't even disclose how many times I wore this outfit over the past month. Btw, for my petite gals, these joe's jeans are MY FAVE right now. The high rise fits amazing and a stretch that allows you to breath! They also have raw hem that I cut a little more to make the perfect length for my short legs. #winning

{10 oversized blazers for any budget}